November 2020

November, 2020


From our ServiceNow Lab


ATF- For Global market leader & a German logistics company

InfoBeans team successfully delivered ATF projects related to Problem Management and Knowledge Management for the world’s biggest German logistics company.

Key Features –

| Custom Test Step Configuration developed for client’s specific notifications.
| Customized “Create User” step to enable creating a test user while the user is performing the test.
| Creation of reports for the overall outcome of the ATF for the Problem Manager role.


ServiceNow – AWS EC2 Integration using IntegrationHub

We have built a PoC that enables client’s team to order AWS EC2 instances through the ServiceNow service catalog. We have come up with this integration using the Integration Hub utilizing the EC2 spoke. But as workspaces and S3 are not available as a Integration Hub spokes and there are limited actions available under EC2, we have come up with a custom implementation to call AWS APIs directly from ServiceNow. We have built a custom code in ServiceNow in the absence of any OOB functionality for it.


Integration of ServiceNow with PowerBI
New trainings and certifications


Integrated PowerBI, a reporting tool, with ServiceNow, as the client could not create reports in ServiceNow. The out-of-the-box dashboard offers an overview of insights included in the content pack, and the user can now select any of the tiles to drill down into multiple pages of reports behind the dashboard.


Bingo Powered by ServiceNow
Travel App for ServiceNow


Bingo is a robust application which can easily handle 400+ players at a time. We have upgraded the Application by generating Bingo Tickets (One, Two or Three tickets per player based on configuration) besides adding features such as In-built Game board, historic records of player’s matches, and auto checker for player’s ticket claims.


From New York patch 10 to Paris
Travel App for ServiceNow


We performed an instance upgrade, from New York Patch 10 to Paris, for our exisitng customer’s. We audited their exisitng implementations and the level of customisation on their instance, prepared an upgrade checklist and gone through the Paris release notes before preparing an upgrade plan best suited for them. We also identified critical modules and applications that needed to be verified post upgrade.

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About InfoBeans

At InfoBeans, part of our strategy to cultivate a world-class global client ecosystem is to ensure that our clients have all the latest information needed to help accelerate their digital transformation journeys. Our Upgrade specialist services are a step towards helping our clients achieve the same. ServiceNow releases a new platform of their version semi-annually, and it is daunting to upgrade your software now and then. We start by upgrade planning, engaging with your team to review, prioritize, merge all open logs and resolve conflicts, followed by a sanity check of the instance. All of this takes just a few days to upgrade across all instances for most of our customers. Having helped numerous organizations launch and mature their ServiceNow instance, we’ve seen time and again the things that make ServiceNow projects successful. If we can help you with your ServiceNow upgrade, contact us today,



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