SMEs and SDS (Software-Defined Storage) – A Match Made in Heaven

The Software Defined Storage market making its own growth story. With an explosion of data across enterprises, organizations across the globe are looking at opportunities to manage this data better so that it can be used intelligently. Owing to the functionality and cost benefits that SDS brings to the table, globally it is experiencing great adoption.

According to a report by Markets and Markets, the SDS market is expected to grow from USD 4.72 Billion in 2016 to USD 22.56 Billion by 2021. The report also highlights that the growth of small and medium enterprises is also leading to greater SME adoption.

With technological advancements, the need for better and enhanced data storage has increased as well. Increasing workloads, business processes and the consequent volumes of data within organizations are compelling them to move away from traditional storage methods that are not only costly but also are no longer equipped to handle the constantly increasing data management needs of today’s enterprise. As data becomes the new currency, SME’s too need to look at their storage … Read More

What Makes Agile And Test Automation The Match Made In Heaven

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With the digitization of business, organizations across the globe are looking at opportunities to stay technologically ahead of their competitors. This change has caused software development methodologies to evolve over a period of time. Today, the Agile development methodology has taken precedence over the Waterfall development methodology of the past years. As organizations look for faster ways to stay ahead of the curve and stay in step with market demands, they need a development methodology that helps them not only develop software products faster but also enable faster product iterations, modifications, updates and improvements. The Agile development methodology helps them achieve this and also ensures that software development companies can deliver high-quality, functional software in a short time frame.

However, when the speed of development increases, testing speed has to increase as well. Unless that is achieved, the purpose of agile development is defeated. So test automation becomes essential for the success of agile. With test automation, the teams can ensure that the changed code is adequately tested, the frequent builds do not break the code, … Read More

Culturally Inclined – The Story of Decoding Our Company Culture

“Make something that people want…including making a company that people want to work for” – Sahil Lavingia, CEO, Gumroad

Today’s competitive business landscape is evolving at a speed of light…what was relevant soon becomes redundant. With work and our everyday lives becoming inextricably linked and intertwined, it becomes essential to work towards achieving an equilibrium that helps us balance these two worlds better. In the years that I spent at InfoBeans the one thing that remained constant was the constant focus on the company culture. We articulated the personality of our company through our culture right when it was a fledgling. As the little fledgling grew, we decoded and fleshed out this culture so that it would find its place in today’s intense corporate environment without compromising on the quality of life and the quality of work.

Our story was like the story of any other startup. We worked hard, pushed our boundaries and saw our share of struggles that go into establishing a startup. What we did have was a great set of … Read More

From Enterprise Mobility to Mobile Enterprise

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Change is fast – just go back a decade and you will be taken to the time of clunky cell phones, fax machines, and PBX boxes. Mobile devices were novel items. But today, mobile technology has changed every aspect of our lives – right from the way we work, shop, network, socialize, or even consume news. Mobile technology has also moved into an enterprise setting and has become a large part of business. The work habits are rapidly shifting – employees increasingly work outside the office and use mobile devices to complete their business tasks. Enterprises are now forced to not only support but also empower employee mobility to make them more productive and agile.

It does not come as a surprise that the BYOD and enterprise mobility market is expected to be worth USD 73.30 billion by 2021. This growth is driven by the demands for increased productivity, reduced hardware cost, increased smartphone penetration, and growing demand for enterprise mobility solutions.

Since work as we know it continued to evolve owing to the deluge … Read More

The Evolution of Data Backup Strategies and Technologies

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The importance of data in today’s business environment cannot be overstated. Businesses are delving deep into the data sea to derive quantified insights to drive intelligent business decisions, improve processes and ultimately positively impact the company bottom line. The rise of data has been in order since the 1970’s when dimensional data marts were used by ACNielsen and IRI to improve retail sales. While the foundations of the data warehouse were being laid at that time, it was not until the 1980’s when the genesis of the modern day data warehouse took place. In the 1988 IBM Systems Journal article ‘An architecture for a business information system’, IBM highlighted the importance of a modern day data warehouse and elucidated the need of an architecture that could draw together and consolidate “various strands of informational system activity within the company.” However, it also became evident over a period of time that along with storing data, data back-up was equally important.

From Punch Cards to Magnetic Tape

As information storage continued to evolve to handle the growing volumes of … Read More

Avoid These Mistakes If You Wish to Succeed with Digital Transformation

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The pace of adoption of new technologies is increasing phenomenally. To give a simple example, it took the humble telephone decades to reach 50% of the households, cell phones were adopted in less than five years. Clearly, organizations across the globe are getting increasingly focused on anticipating new technology trends in order to stay ahead of the curve. As we enter the golden era of technological innovation, digital transformation is moving from being a buzzword to an organizational necessity.

In order to compete in this digital world, businesses have to transform and make way to adopt new technologies that will change the way businesses function. Executive Chairman of Cisco Systems John Chambers states that “at least 40% of businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies”.

Clearly, organizations across the globe have reason to put digital transformation as a top priority in their corporate agenda. Chief executives of global companies have already started placing digital transformation in the heart of … Read More

InfoBeans Liferay Partnership

The revolution of open source technologies brought a tremendous shift in the technology market. Open source technologies have done radical metamorphosis of the existing technology solutions for the business processes over the period of time. Being a technology partner of many industry verticals across the globe, we have been providing highly effective, scalable solutions and services in open source. Liferay is one of our core competencies and a powerful framework that comprises of an entire web content management system. Its extensive features have huge potential for customization and the subtle yet impeccable interface is a plus for users. Liferay expands with your organizational growth and is one of the few technologies that enable clustering. It is also an exquisite content management portal. Our partnership with Liferay is to bring our customers the best of Liferay services.

With the help of Liferay user can create multiple community in a single liferay server, also we can configure multiple domains. Liferay gives you a comprehensive platform with multi-site ability to host all kinds of group sites with no further investment. It’s a great alternative to other platforms like Magento … Read More

NISO STS – Standard for Standards Opens Up New Opportunities for SDOs

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“Any move towards standardization is a move in the right direction.” – Dave Williamson

Standardization helps in maximizing quality, interoperability, and compatibility. It fosters innovation and technical progress. With structured methods and reliable data gathering, standardization makes it easier to spread knowledge and ideas, and cultivate innovation.

In 1800, with the onset of the industrial revolution, the concept of standardization and standards bodies and committees started. With the growing adoption of technology, Internet, and mobile proliferation, and everything going digital, this age-old industry of standards developing organizations is also focusing on “going digital”. The digitization initiatives of SDOs, however, are much more complex because of the involvement of multiple aspects such as data conversion, content management, digital selling, online certification, and also in some cases, accreditation.

The first and foremost activity in standards digitization is the conversion of legacy data into digital format. The legacy data can be in various forms such as research papers, textbooks, journals, magazines, periodicals, yearbooks, technical, flight and other manuals. The accurate conversion of this … Read More

Flash Is Gone – So What Are Your Options for Interactive Web Applications?

The demand for interactive web applications is growing continuously owing to their substantial business impact. Feature-rich UIs and rich internet applications are a norm today – and the one technology favored by most to make this possible was Flash. However, with Flash being flawed security wise, its incompatible relationship with search engines and its resource hogging nature, it was only a matter of time that this technology was replaced by something that is not prone to exploitation and did not drain out the smartphone battery in a flash (pun intended).

Adobe recently announced the end of life plan for Flash. Even though this will come into absolute effect only in 2020, it is time to look at smarter alternatives to build interactive web applications. Here’s a look at a few great options.


HTML5 is emerging as the revolution the internet needed and has been getting industry support through widespread adoption. While to some it might seem like a mysterious creature, HTML5 is easy to understand and makes creating accessible sites far easier because of semantics … Read More

Why Security and Usability Are the Two Most Important Pillars of Enterprise Apps

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the enterprise app market is expected to cross USD$ 213.43 billion by 2020.

The enterprise app market has shown this upward trend owing to the growing digitization drive across organizations, greater mobile adoption, and the growth of a large mobile workforce. Enterprise apps have now become contributors of productivity and are seen as tools that help in increasing the efficiency and output of the workforce.

However, enterprise apps of today have come a long way. With greater smartphone adoption, enterprise apps also had to get an upgrade from their clunky and disjointed experiences and deliver smooth experiences like consumer grade applications. They have clearly moved away from being just utilitarian in nature to become more functional and well designed.

While usability is essential for enterprise apps, it is also true that these apps are complex in nature. Since most of the enterprise apps deal with sensitive enterprise data, they also demand a high level of security. Is it acceptable to compromise the security of … Read More

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