Prototyping – A Crucial Stage in Design Thinking

Prototyping Stages

Have you ever used a pen and paper to describe an idea to your team? 

Almost each one of us, because it is the simplest way to explain your idea and is also comprehensible by your team. The pen and paper design has been practiced for ages and is probably a minuscule example of Design Thinking, without any use of technology.

In simple terms, Design Thinking is a methodical process that makes use of tools and technology often practiced before the launch of the final product. It is an iterative process and a crucial one for designing a product. Besides aiming at understanding user needs and redefining the problem statement, Design Thinking’s ultimate objective is to provide a new perception to Prototype and test the solution cases.

Every Design Thinking process goes through five stages: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. Though each stage is essential, let us look closely … Read More

InfoBeans Innovation Day 2020 – A Glance

InfoBens Innovation Day 2020

Light, Camera, Action!

The vivacious Master of Ceremony and the drum roll!

Yes, we are talking about our flagship event Innovation Day 2020, which was nothing less than a movie shot in a perfect setting, with a beautiful ambiance and an incredible audience. 

Conducted on 25th January 2020 at our Headquarters, Crystal IT Park, Indore, Innovation Day 2020 has been a crowning day for all of us when the earnest efforts of our participating teams have finally yielded remarkable results. 

The event was attended by our notable audience and dignitaries like the guests from Germany, Heads of outstanding IT companies from Indore who judged the innovation contest, our esteemed clients, members from the investor community, brilliant minds from the student fraternity, and last but not the least InfoBeans team members from Indore and Pune.

Naroo Krishnan, Head of Products- Ola Mobility, the momentous harbinger of Innovation Day, distilled his stint … Read More

Robotic Process Automation Lifecycle

Man Touching Laptop Screen

Today businesses are going digital, and 89% of them have already adopted a “digital-first” strategy. This is heavily impacting the work landscape. The split of task hours between humans and robots in 2018 was 71:29 and in 2022 it is projected to be 29:21

At InfoBeans, we deploy the standard RPA lifecycle to automate a process that consists of a repetitive and predictive set of activities. We do this with structured data that has traditionally been handled by an employee or a group of employees in an organization.

A common pain point across the industry is deciding on the processes to be automated and the criteria to follow. Today, Robotic Process Automation is no more a new word. Organisations across the globe are using this technology to automate their business processes and to increase their ROI. Thus, boiling down to the much-coveted question, “What is the lifecycle of … Read More

UX trends to look for in 2020

UX Trends

At InfoBeans, we are always eager to embrace the latest trends, and this time it is UX. Read our latest blog on changing UX trends in 2020 and how marketers need to maneuver their marketing strategy to match the same.

The year 2020 is round the corner, and it is also the last year of this decade! The UX industry has undergone a metamorphosis in the previous ten years and has been completely revolutionized, especially after the advent of AI, ML, VR, and AR. In the coming decade, too, UX will witness significant changes, and events like the Tokyo Olympics will have a massive impact on the UX industry in 2020. In addition to this, we will also see a shift in user perception that will take the UX industry to an altogether new level.

Let us look at the 2020 UX trends that marketers should adopt to meet … Read More

ServiceNow Implementation at InfoBeans – The Roadmap

ServiceNow Implementation Roadmap

At InfoBeans, we follow a systematic approach to implement ServiceNow to make sure that you realize your business goals effortlessly.

With the right set of implementation strategy, ServiceNow gives you intended results. It improves business processes, operations, workflows, and eventually capture early ROI. However, before you begin, it is integral to first clearly define your business goals and match them against ServiceNow implementation roadmap. Also, perform a reality check of what your enterprise really need in terms of technology and align your ServiceNow implementation goals accordingly. Once done, there are logical and methodical steps to drive ServiceNow implementation that we follow at InfoBeans meticulously. Let us look at each step closely:

Align enterprise vision and ServiceNow: Yes, it is crucial to identify how implementing ServiceNow will help you get close to your vision. For a fruitful ServiceNow implementation, first create a plan that gets … Read More

10 Reasons Why Your Organization Need ServiceNow!

10 Reasons Why Your Organization Need ServiceNow

ServiceNow is one of the fastest-growing software companies of all time and has capitalized well in the ITSM field. ServiceNow is rockstar in the service management world, it seems to be an ever-growing concept. From mapping delivery to orchestration, it is a boon for the information technology industry, which is continuously working towards optimizing processes. Without further ado, let’s throw light on how ServiceNow leaves us with no reason to overlook it!

ServiceNow offers packaged solution that is out-of-the-box but which can be tailored as per client’s requirements. Large enterprises (Fortune 500 companies) love it for its unique combination of security and flexibility (for third-party integrations), unlike any other. Single System of Record, eliminates duplicates and in turn saves time and efforts. It is a secret recipe that grants ServiceNow exclusivity, to consolidate the IT and business applications, services, and other resources which are worth keeping, migrate those … Read More

InfoBeans acquires Philosophie

InfoBeans acquires Philosophie


We are excited to share that InfoBeans has acquired Philosophie. Philosophie is USA based high-end innovation and design consulting firm. They are based in Santa Monica, CA and Manhattan, NY.

InfoBeans’ acquisition of Philosophie is a significant step forward in our journey to join hands with like-minded individuals and organizations and takes us into the next orbit of growth.

Philosophie is a 10-year-old organization, based in the USA, founded by Skot Carruth and Emerson Taymor. They provide high-end innovation and UX consulting, with beautiful offices in Santa Monica CA and New York, NY. They serve clients as large as Google, Amazon, American Express and startups like Yapstone, amongst many others.

We took this decision after great deliberation, thought and of course our internal gut feeling. They are on the very edge of rapid innovation and design and we feel that they can nicely complement our services … Read More

Quick guide on choosing between Native and Hybrid Mobile App development

Native vs Hybrid application infobeans

How often has an idea struck you and you were wondering how to solidify it with a mobile application that supports various platforms? I am sure, plenty of times.

The debate between native and hybrid apps is never-ending, but comes to a closure when you have your factors and criteria sorted. Some of the prominent ones are business objective, overall product goals, budget, monetisation strategy, target audience and deadline. This piece will go through the differences between the three types of apps development (Native, Hybrid and Web), understand which one to use, along with making you aware of the pros and cons of each.

Mobility has now become an inseparable part of business solutions. This is because for any business, mobile devices provide the highest reachability to end users. Apps that are engaging and have good UX, attract end users and monetise well.

Let’s looks at the various App … Read More

InfoBeans Is Exhibiting At The 68th SES Annual Conference 2019


The prestigious event in the field of standardization is around the corner, that is, from 6-8 August 2019, facilitated by the Society for Standard Professionals. It’s going to be held in Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. The SES (Standards Engineering Society) is a one-of-its-kind neutral forum in North America where standards users and developers come together to address mutual issues, opportunities, and interests in ways that work to the benefit of everyone involved with, or affected by standards. InfoBeans is a proud exhibitor at the event with its turn-key solutions for the Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs).

InfoBeans has been with Standard Development Organizations for more than a decade now, with a wide clientele and leaving no stone unturned to serve end-to-end solutions. Having ICC (International Code Council), ALM Media, among others, as our faithful service users, we are more than thankful to the standards development community for believing in … Read More

Catch Interesting Features of ServiceNow Madrid Release. What Can We Expect in the New York Release?

ServiceNow Madrid Release

Madrid is here…

ServiceNow is replete with new features in its latest release, Madrid (Q1 2019). Sorting and solving issues on the go, with simple swipes and taps make ServiceNow mobile friendly.

The 600 new innovations in this release enable and simplify a lot many processes. Imagine building a mobile app, sans any coding? Yes, ServiceNow Mobile Studio is the service achieving the only-dreamed-of aspect! You and I can build and deploy native iOS and Android mobile apps using no-code tools and a drag-and-drop interface. Can you spot your much-awaited business idea taking flight? Can you gauge the efficiency boost with these customized and tailored applications?

Next up, the faster and more agile digital transformation of companies is nothing short of breathtaking. Be that Agent Workspace, Alert Intelligence, change automation enhancements in ITSM or even Portfolio Scaled Agile Framework, there’s nothing stopping any organization from treading the digital path … Read More

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