New Pain Points Post COVID-19 and A Way Forward

Pain Points Post COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic is undeniably a human tragedy, and the global economy is traversing through the most unpredictable and perilous phase, something none of us have ever witnessed and imagined. There is an alarming shift in the focus of business owners, from plans of ‘Exponential Growth,’ to ‘Survival,’ ‘Conservation,’ ‘Cost Efficiency,’ ‘Business Continuity,’ ‘Employee Productivity,’ et al. They have suddenly become the ‘New Pain Points,’ and business owners are struggling to find a way forward.

The speed with which this crisis has hit the world is enormous, and there is an immediate and urgent need to take action and plan ahead. It is almost certain what we have been doing until now is no longer viable. The old formula for success is obsolete now, and we need to drag ourselves out of our comfort zones. ‘Think Different and Think Fast’ have suddenly become the new normal, and we need to look … Read More

What curve do we want to flatten and why?

What curve do we want to flatten and why

What curve do we want to flatten and why?The answer lies in one number “TOTAL ACTIVE CASES”. This reflects what our healthcare system will deal with on any given day. The rate of spread is so fast that no country has the capacity to handle the hospitalization and ICU requirements. Hence, we want to flatten this red curve by slowing/stopping the spread.

How do we do it?

a) Containment – By measures such as rapid testing, contact tracing, quarantine, isolation, social distancing, lockdown, and curfew. All we are trying to do is reduce “NEW DAILY CASES” and flatten this orange curve.

  b) Mitigation – By measures such as hospital capacity planning, right protective gear and equipment procurement, readiness to handle cases quickly, effective medication and eventually vaccination. All we are trying to do is rapidly increase “RECOVERED CASES” and improve the green curveAmid this craziness, the one biggest goal … Read More

ELK- The Passionate Pursuit of Log Analysis

ELK- The Passionate Pursuit of Log Analysis

As the number of distributed systems keeps on increasing, it is tough to understand where the errors are happening. But aggregating our logs together gives a unified understanding of the overall working of our system and helps us identify the error. The idea behind ELK is also to identify the root cause of errors and take corrective measures to prevent further damage.

Overview: During SDLC (System Development Life Cycle), we often face situations where we need to find frequently occurring errors in different pages, methods having exceptions/errors, the performance of the pages/methods, availability of application and server, and many more. Various applications are feed into each other. Debugging is an issue that requires logging into each box to look at the logs for errors. With a small number of apps/boxes, debugging is not an issue, but it quickly becomes tedious as the number of apps/boxes increase!

Idea: With ELK identifying such errors … Read More

Social Engagement in the times of Social Distancing

Social Engagement in the times of Social Distancing

Both social distancing and work from home have become the need of the hour and the new norm. While teams work from their homes, they need to engage with each other to develop a sense of belongingness and maintain business continuity. The biggest challenge the team faces is to keep the motivation alive and stay productive.

To avoid going crazy and enjoy the atmosphere at home while they work, our teams have adopted several unconventional ways to make the work exciting, they have engaged with each other through:

Virtual Tea Sessions: How about connecting virtually over a cup of tea and indulging in some chit-chat? Yes, our teams are meeting at tea-time as they meet in the office, the only difference is it is all happening virtually through video calls. Such sessions give them a break from work, and they enjoy hanging out with their colleagues.

Virtual Yoga Workshops: … Read More

How RPA can streamline Supply Chain and Logistics?

How RPA can streamline Supply Chain and Logistics?

Supply Chain and Logistics is predominantly an industry which is driven by precision and speed. The industry is mostly governed by a lot of systems and processes, which, when automated drive efficiency, scale, and faster deliveries. RPA optimizes operations and cuts costs and emerges as a replacement for a lot of non-productive, repetitive tasks. 


Robotics has become a key component of Supply Chain automation and will continue to transform supply chain operations. It is said to have a drastic impact in terms of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy on the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. Among the various benefits that RPA brings to the industry, the prominent ones are real-time inventory visibility and warehouse management. 

 But, before the enterprise dives into implementing RPA, there is a certain level of preparedness and some ground-level modifications that enterprises need to make. A few of them are:

 Process Standardization: The more complex the … Read More

AR Business Card: Leave a lasting impression on your network

AR Business Card

Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes computer-generated objects (3d models, images, text, etc.) on the users’ view of the real world and provides a composite view. It brings forth an unimaginable technological revolution, which has altered the way we conduct business. AR Business Card is one such idea that uses AR to scan the regular business cards and provides detailed information relevant to a business.


Business Cards or Visiting Cards are used by one and all. It gives a brief idea to your visitor about yourself, your business, ways to contact you like your phone number, email id, Skype ID, etc. and links to your company’s social media handles. Business cards are of the utmost importance when you visit a seminar/conference or large public gathering where you meet a lot of current and potential clients and exchange your business cards. The biggest challenge with a traditional business card … Read More

Traffic Analyzer, Smart Parking, Smart Conference – IoT

Traffic Analyzer, Smart Parking, Smart Conference

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is marked by the growing utilization of technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. that have made our lives easy and convenient. Still, there are everyday challenges that we face from the moment we step out of our homes until the time we return. The pressing need to solve our daily issues gave rise to innovative ideas like Traffic Analyzer, Smart Parking, and Smart Conference using IoT, which have judiciously addressed them. Read the blog to know how.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. These devices range from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools. The innovative idea of Traffic Analyzer and others also makes use of IoT to solve a routine life problem.

Let us understand each in … Read More

Innovation Day 2020 – A Sneak-peek into 14 innovative ideas

Innovation Day 2020 A Sneak Ppeek into 14 innovative ideas

With this blog, we intend to take you through 14 innovative ideas and provide a glimpse of each technology, use cases and how they created WOW!

Held on 25th January 2020, Innovation Day is our flagship annual event where team members from InfoBeans get an opportunity to explore the convergence of emerging #technologies and #innovative problem-solving ideas. More than 50+ brilliant minds from the top colleges of #Indore and 400+ dignitaries were part of our event.

The event featured #presentations and #booths on mainstream technologies such as the brain waves, AI/NLP, Robotics, Speech-to-text, IoT, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, ServiceNow, Solenoid, Docker and more presented by InfoBeans #innovators. All teams shared their innovative ideas with the audience and competed to showcase their in-depth knowledge of technology and passion for creating #innovation and #WOW together.

Without much ado, let’s give you a deeper understanding of different ideas at the … Read More

InfoBeans committed to Flatten The Curve – COVID-19 Advisory

Social Distancing

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to engulf the world, it is crucial to take every possible action to protect humanity from the far-reaching effects of the dreaded virus. At InfoBeans, our team is our biggest priority, and we have taken several initiatives in the best interest of our team members to help them navigate through this unprecedented situation.This ‘Advisory COVID19’ is being floated with every team member each day from the day we heard about the perilous virus. It has crucial information our global team needs to know to protect self and society, travel guidelines and Dos/Don’ts for all.

COVID-19 Advisory from InfoBeans Technologies

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BrainBeans has efficiently replaced ‘Just do it’ with ‘Just think it’! 

BrainBeans BrainWaves

BrainBeans has efficiently replaced ‘Just do it’ with ‘Just think it’! 

Based on brain waves technology, BrainBeans is one of the most innovative and appreciated ideas and the cynosure of Innovation Day. The idea harnesses brain waves that are produced from masses of neurons communicating with each other and are detected using an EEG headset.


The brain is at the center of everything that we do; it controls and coordinates our actions and reactions and allows us to think and feel, enables us to have memories, feelings, dreams, and a million other things.  It gives us all the things that make us human.

If we want to perform any activity, basic or complex, our brain sends signals to our organs, and we perform the activity. Like, when we want to switch on the light, our brain signals our hands to on the switch and the light turns on.

But … Read More

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