InfoBeans Exhibits at SES for 3rd Year in a Row


Being virtual has made it even easier to connect during a conference. We can now find each other with one click. Meet us at the 69th SES Conference. Let’s bring the energetic, sharing, and growing with each other kind of vibe we create every year to this year’s virtual SES conference. 

We are excited about this year’s theme“The Value of Standardization and the Standards Professional” and can’t wait to meet, share and learn from each other about our unique journeys through these unique times we all are in together.

The SES (Standards Engineering Society) offers a great platform for the Standards Professional Community to come together to address mutual challenges, opportunities, interests, and successes and take action in the direction of making this world a safer place.

InfoBeans has been a proud exhibitor at SES consecutively for the last three years providing valuable contributions to enhance the standards … Read More

ServiceNow Orlando Release: What to Expect

ServiceNow Orlando Release

ServiceNow has now landed in Orlando with exciting features, patch releases, notable changes, and hotfixes to existing functionalities. Not much time has gone since the NewYork release that had path-breaking features like guided app creator, integration hub, two new portals – Operator Workspace and Service Owner Workspace, and made enhancements to the Virtual Agent besides making Agent Workspace available. 

ServiceNow is here again with its Orlando release with major attractions such as updates to Predictive Intelligence, Mobile Onboarding, and Virtual Agent in addition to introducing AI and Analytics in their release. The AI engine in the Now intelligence helps predict issues and automates action through analytics. Both AI and Analytics together improve the speed and efficiency of an incident or problem cycle. 

Here is a consolidated release notes information for new and updated Orlando features:

1. Deeper Insights into Analytics:  

Performance Analytics: Ask questions and receive answers using natural everyday language.

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New Pain Points Post COVID-19 and A Way Forward

Pain Points Post COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic is undeniably a human tragedy, and the global economy is traversing through the most unpredictable and perilous phase, something none of us have ever witnessed and imagined. There is an alarming shift in the focus of business owners, from plans of ‘Exponential Growth,’ to ‘Survival,’ ‘Conservation,’ ‘Cost Efficiency,’ ‘Business Continuity,’ ‘Employee Productivity,’ et al. They have suddenly become the ‘New Pain Points,’ and business owners are struggling to find a way forward.

The speed with which this crisis has hit the world is enormous, and there is an immediate and urgent need to take action and plan ahead. It is almost certain what we have been doing until now is no longer viable. The old formula for success is obsolete now, and we need to drag ourselves out of our comfort zones. ‘Think Different and Think Fast’ have suddenly become the new normal, and we need to look … Read More

What curve do we want to flatten and why?

What curve do we want to flatten and why

What curve do we want to flatten and why?The answer lies in one number “TOTAL ACTIVE CASES”. This reflects what our healthcare system will deal with on any given day. The rate of spread is so fast that no country has the capacity to handle the hospitalization and ICU requirements. Hence, we want to flatten this red curve by slowing/stopping the spread.

How do we do it?

a) Containment – By measures such as rapid testing, contact tracing, quarantine, isolation, social distancing, lockdown, and curfew. All we are trying to do is reduce “NEW DAILY CASES” and flatten this orange curve.

  b) Mitigation – By measures such as hospital capacity planning, right protective gear and equipment procurement, readiness to handle cases quickly, effective medication and eventually vaccination. All we are trying to do is rapidly increase “RECOVERED CASES” and improve the green curveAmid this craziness, the one biggest goal … Read More

Social Engagement in the times of Social Distancing

Social Engagement in the times of Social Distancing

Both social distancing and work from home have become the need of the hour and the new norm. While teams work from their homes, they need to engage with each other to develop a sense of belongingness and maintain business continuity. The biggest challenge the team faces is to keep the motivation alive and stay productive.

To avoid going crazy and enjoy the atmosphere at home while they work, our teams have adopted several unconventional ways to make the work exciting, they have engaged with each other through:

Virtual Tea Sessions: How about connecting virtually over a cup of tea and indulging in some chit-chat? Yes, our teams are meeting at tea-time as they meet in the office, the only difference is it is all happening virtually through video calls. Such sessions give them a break from work, and they enjoy hanging out with their colleagues.

Virtual Yoga Workshops: … Read More

Innovation Day 2020 – A Sneak-peek into 14 innovative ideas

Innovation Day 2020 A Sneak Ppeek into 14 innovative ideas

With this blog, we intend to take you through 14 innovative ideas and provide a glimpse of each technology, use cases and how they created WOW!

Held on 25th January 2020, Innovation Day is our flagship annual event where team members from InfoBeans get an opportunity to explore the convergence of emerging #technologies and #innovative problem-solving ideas. More than 50+ brilliant minds from the top colleges of #Indore and 400+ dignitaries were part of our event.

The event featured #presentations and #booths on mainstream technologies such as the brain waves, AI/NLP, Robotics, Speech-to-text, IoT, Mixed Reality, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, ServiceNow, Solenoid, Docker and more presented by InfoBeans #innovators. All teams shared their innovative ideas with the audience and competed to showcase their in-depth knowledge of technology and passion for creating #innovation and #WOW together.

Without much ado, let’s give you a deeper understanding of different ideas at the … Read More

InfoBeans committed to Flatten The Curve – COVID-19 Advisory

Social Distancing

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to engulf the world, it is crucial to take every possible action to protect humanity from the far-reaching effects of the dreaded virus. At InfoBeans, our team is our biggest priority, and we have taken several initiatives in the best interest of our team members to help them navigate through this unprecedented situation.This ‘Advisory COVID19’ is being floated with every team member each day from the day we heard about the perilous virus. It has crucial information our global team needs to know to protect self and society, travel guidelines and Dos/Don’ts for all.

COVID-19 Advisory from InfoBeans Technologies

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InfoBeans Innovation Day 2020 – A Glance

InfoBeans Innovation Day 2020

Light, Camera, Action!

The vivacious Master of Ceremony and the drum roll!

Yes, we are talking about our flagship event Innovation Day 2020, which was nothing less than a movie shot in a perfect setting, with a beautiful ambiance and an incredible audience. 

Conducted on 25th January 2020 at our Headquarters, Crystal IT Park, Indore, Innovation Day 2020 has been a crowning day for all of us when the earnest efforts of our participating teams have finally yielded remarkable results. 

The event was attended by our notable audience and dignitaries like the guests from Germany, Heads of outstanding IT companies from Indore who judged the innovation contest, our esteemed clients, members from the investor community, brilliant minds from the student fraternity, and last but not the least InfoBeans team members from Indore and Pune.

Naroo Krishnan, Head of Products- Ola Mobility, the momentous harbinger of Innovation Day, distilled his stint … Read More

InfoBeans acquires Philosophie

InfoBeans acquires Philosophie


We are excited to share that InfoBeans has acquired Philosophie. Philosophie is USA based high-end innovation and design consulting firm. They are based in Santa Monica, CA and Manhattan, NY.

InfoBeans’ acquisition of Philosophie is a significant step forward in our journey to join hands with like-minded individuals and organizations and takes us into the next orbit of growth.

Philosophie is a 10-year-old organization, based in the USA, founded by Skot Carruth and Emerson Taymor. They provide high-end innovation and UX consulting, with beautiful offices in Santa Monica CA and New York, NY. They serve clients as large as Google, Amazon, American Express and startups like Yapstone, amongst many others.

We took this decision after great deliberation, thought and of course our internal gut feeling. They are on the very edge of rapid innovation and design and we feel that they can nicely complement our services … Read More

InfoBeans Is Exhibiting At The 68th SES Annual Conference 2019


The prestigious event in the field of standardization is around the corner, that is, from 6-8 August 2019, facilitated by the Society for Standard Professionals. It’s going to be held in Montreal, Quebec, in Canada. The SES (Standards Engineering Society) is a one-of-its-kind neutral forum in North America where standards users and developers come together to address mutual issues, opportunities, and interests in ways that work to the benefit of everyone involved with, or affected by standards. InfoBeans is a proud exhibitor at the event with its turn-key solutions for the Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs).

InfoBeans has been with Standard Development Organizations for more than a decade now, with a wide clientele and leaving no stone unturned to serve end-to-end solutions. Having ICC (International Code Council), ALM Media, among others, as our faithful service users, we are more than thankful to the standards development community for believing in … Read More

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