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The App Approach – How To Do It Best!

One of our clients, a trade association of electric power industry in the U.S. wanted an app for better personalization and smooth information delivery within their employees and business associates to integrate their processes further…

The organized meetings and events could be viewed on Google Maps which helped the client organize and publish events with greater visibility to each member. The members could leverage proactive services owing to the feature matrix filter feature from the app screen. Read further

A strategic digital approach to accreditation enablement

Accreditation is a very complex process which involves submission of application fees, documentation and a thorough assessment by technical and subject matter experts of the Accredited Certification Bodies also called as the Accredited Agencies. When done manually, this process is very time consuming and effort intensive. At InfoBeans we are working with several Accredited agencies to help them go digital and helping them with the automation of the overall Accreditation process.

Did you do your application UI/UX revamp all wrong?

One of our clients, who is a leading provider of enterprise solutions to life sciences companies, reached out to us to redesign the UI and UX for an enterprise product. This product was directed towards life sciences companies and was designed to help them track expenses incurred for healthcare and research events.

Fast-tracking the app economy with ServiceNow apps

ServiceNow apps that we developed were created with two things in mind – one, that they have to simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface so that the non-technical business user can leverage and benefit from it and two, that we give organizations a path to respond to market needs swiftly by helping them automate business processes.

Business Transformation with ServiceNow

Every business is either digitally transformed, in transition or planning to transform. We cannot ignore the power of ServiceNow, a leading Service Management Platform, that is being used by thousands of global enterprises worldwide as a platform of their choice for their digital transformation initiatives. Well planned and well executed ServiceNow implementation can help enterprises save millions of dollars in investment and costs. Following few steps and best practices you will be ready to go with successful ServiceNow implementation and to leverage best of its results. Learn how you can adopt ServiceNow and transform your business to count its benefits later.

The Business Value of Cloud – Agility, Innovation, Cost Optimization

While the overall software market is growing at around 6% per annum, as per IDC, for Cloud, the growth rate is 20% per annum. Most of the enterprise are adopting the cloud-first approach. In this crisp guide by InfoBeans, we try to provide an overview on the real business value of Cloud.

The Why and How of Digital Transformation for SDOs.

With an increased focus on digitization across all industries, the age-old SDO industry is also focusing on riding on the digital wave. However, the digitization initiatives of SDOs are extremely complex and involve several activities such as conversion of legacy codes and standards, content delivery and management, digital selling, online certification and examination, and also accreditation enablement. How do SDOs ensure that their digital journey is smooth? How can they expect from their digital platforms? Download this comprehensive guide by InfoBeans, to know – Why the Standards Developing Organizations are going digital

The Hidden Power of ServiceNow Apps

ServiceNow is an extremely flexible, highly configurable and scalable cloud application platform which allows users its users to achieve a lot more through platform apart from standard features.

We make storage provisioning easy

Storage provisioning is the process or mechanism to allocate and assign server storage space within a networked computing environment to optimize the performance of storage network.

Your Comprehensive DevOps guide

While the DevOps adoption and practices have matured and DevOps is set to become a standard way of working, there is still some confusion in the minds of enterprises as to what exactly is DevOps and how to make it a success.

Delivering True Business Impact with Test Automation.

Conventional testing is dead. At the same time, the demand for higher quality products is ever increasing. Digital technologies are fundamentally transforming businesses and the expectations of digitally empowered consumers.

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