The Challenge

There are few things more exciting than arriving for your cruise vacation, but unfortunately, it can be a grueling 90-minute process that can take multiple days to unwind from. Our stakeholder had a vision to make the experience frictionless.

We used cutting-edge technologies including facial recognition and beacons to prototype the experience and prove it was possible.

What We Made

Several prototype iterations spanning mobile apps, motion graphics, iPad apps, kiosk experiences and service blueprints

What went into it

Interaction design, UI design, information design, motion design, service design, hardware prototyping, facial recognition prototyping


The Result

  • We reduced ship embarkation time from 90 minutes to 3 minutes
  • Our technology was featured at a major press event with a 95% effectiveness
  • Designed a sophisticated fall-back system using multiple cameras and facial recognition systems to improve effectiveness after Royal did not think the program would be viable
  • Determined correct technical solutions for hardware cameras and software for facial recognition
  • Carefully crafted handoff materials to internal team
  • Frictionless Arrival is now live in multiple global ports including their flagship Miami port


Signups in 3 months


Product Strategy, User Research, Conversion, Marketing Optimization, Brand Design, Card Design, User Experience, Visual Design, Recruiting Support, and Software Engineering.


iOS (Swift), Apple Watch, Beacons (IPS), Ruby on Rails, Firebase, Angular

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