User Experience
Design is all about solving a problem

If you ask ten people what user experience is, you’re liable to get 11 different answers. That’s not only because ‘humans think differently’, but also because there are many different variants of user experience. And each one has different routes.

A new form of user experience has emerged from software construction and how it behaves with respect to its users. Unlike some user experience disciplines, it’s all about understanding the person and satisfying their goals. It’s about problem-solving, and a whole new way of thinking.

Why You Should Choose Us

The profound belief that good design can solve most of the business issues isolate us from our competitors. Our certified team of UX developers is eager to lend an ear to your problems and offer you the most practical yet advanced solutions that are technologically aligned and evolve with your business.

Whether you are defending a winning market position, looking to disrupt or identify opportunities for better customer experience, expect the best in strategy, design, and engineering to conceive, plan, test, and build digital products from scratch.

What We Do

UX is an umbrella term. We use it to describe a problem-solving approach that begins with developing an understanding of people and ends with a tailored solution. Our UX flavor focuses on developing a deep understanding of people’s goals and creating experiences that match those. When we say goals, it is what people are trying to achieve and how they want to feel while doing it.

We profoundly believe that the clearer we are about our people’s goals, the better we will be able to design solutions that are deeply satisfying and delightful.

Our spectrum of UX services

If your business struggles to accomplish tasks and goals efficiently, chances are you are mostly dependent on manual processes to complete a task. However, on an average, you’re not alone— companies lose 20 to 30 percent of their annual revenue due to inefficient manual processes that ultimately damage the company’s bottom line. Digitization of workflows is the solution that efficiently caters to all your manual problems, reducing chances of error, and eliminating human dependence to no small extent. It helps you achieve scale, speed, and, most importantly, it enables you to realize your design goals.

We do a thorough ‘as-is’ analysis of your current manual processes and identify flows that can be digitized and initiated. We also optimize, automate and expand your current processes.


Facing challenges with the existing workflows? It is not uncommon. It could be because of several reasons, such as the difference between the intended purpose of the workflow and the purpose the customer has used it for, incomplete design, improper detailing during the initial phase of design, and lack of knowledge to use the workflow. But, a redesign is always possible for an existing workflow.

We start by listening to the current users, understanding challenges in the current flow, identifying gaps, brainstorming to seek more ideas, and finally redesigning experiences to develop more practical solutions, as per user feedback.

New Product Design

Many industries today create new products only after thoroughly understanding what the users of their products expect and how the company can meet their expectations. InfoBeans follow a human-centric approach to design a new product from scratch to serve its customers with an outstanding experience.

By creating experiences, we create passionate advocates. Our genuine design earns us fantastic loyalty. That’s the kind of business success that we enjoy using remarkable UX practices.

Our Process
We follow the following steps in User Experience to create a new design.
How We Do It

Good companies study clients before they design, great study end-users.

To begin our User Experience journey, we set out to understand the goals of the people we are solving a problems for. It includes interviewing users who grapple with the problems and identifying patterns of response from those interviews, which eventually helps us create buyer personas. Needless to mention here, our focus is not only on the current problems, but also on your upcoming, next, or something that may arise five years down the road. Once we are clear about who our users are and what their problems are, the next logical step is to take action to solve their problems.


It is time to act now! Backed with qualitative and quantitative research, it’s time to chart the plan forward and masterfully craft workflows for the end-users. We practice various brainstorming techniques and tools that help open up our minds and generate more innovative ideas. The team flawlessly operates in an agile environment, and continually refines and iterates prototypes to create a pixel-perfect digital solution.


Whether it’s websites, apps, or custom software, it is crucial to test the design to validate solutions. A dry-run of the workflow to understand gaps between the current design and the planned design helps the team make the necessary changes before the delivery of the projects to the client.


After considerable tests and re-tests, the time has come to usher the blueprint into reality—high-fidelity mockups. Front-end Style guide, Hand-off specifications are ways to deliver the design to the client.

How we conduct, each step is exciting! We follow a systematic approach to doing various processes, like Research, Structure Design, Interaction Design, and User Interface Design.

Here is the table for your reference:

Structure design
  • Information Architecture
  • Workflow
Interaction Design
  • Wireframes & prototypes
  • HTML prototypes
User Interface Design
  • Visual design
  • Illustration design
  • Micro-interaction/
    Motion design
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