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Extend product life, enhance revenue

For product companies, things usually do not end once the product is released; in fact, the next phase or Sustenance of the developed product starts post-release. It is a massive effort to continue offering excellent customer experience and updating products to meet market demands in the long run.

Under our Sustenance offering, we take care of product enhancement, customization, and integration as well. Our support services help clients extend the life of their core products, improve their performance and enhance market relevance, revenue potential, and profitability. We put laser sharp focus on product adaptation, optimization, technology change management and end-of-life support. We aim to improve the ROI by using effective tools, technologies and processes, ensuring zero disruption for a happy customer base.

Product Adaptation and Enhancement
Quick fixes with installation, configurations, and resolution of issues
SLA-based Managed Services
Proactively monitor endpoints, keeping systems up-to-date and prevent issues
Integration Testing & Regulatory Compliance
Maintain and validate the compliant state for the life of the software
Performance Management & Monitoring
Enhance the features, optimize programs, and polish design & architecture
End-of-life Platform Support
Retirement planning, communication, phaseout process and a series of activities to support EOL
Industry Disruption Planning & Future-Readiness
Agile and forward-thinking steps to combat industry disruption and plan future
Our Sustenance Services Include
Product Adaptation & Enhancements

Product enhancement is integral to sustenance, as every product after its release needs regular driver, OS, or feature updates as a part of continuous improvement. The purpose could either be to fix bugs in programs, address security issues, add new functionality or to keep the product compatible with the evolving market. We help customers by offering quick fixes with installation, configurations, and resolution of issues. Our development team assists product owners to develop new features and enhance the existing ones.

Technology Change Management

Rapid technological changes call for the addition of new capabilities to legacy applications and products. InfoBeans supports the migration of these applications to the latest technologies. We offer application modernization solutions along with any platform or version upgrade.

SLA-based Managed Services

SLA based managed services include monitoring, reporting, improving, proactive and remote supporting and maintaining the delivered product based on terms described in SLA. We utilize a broad range of IT expertise to resolve issues efficiently and employ the latest processes and software to proactively monitor endpoints, keeping systems up-to-date and preventing issues before they arise.

Integration Testing & Regulatory Compliance

Through Integration Testing, we aim to ensure that system modules do not interfere with each other in particular combinations and satisfy all the requirements after integration of all the individual units. Our Integration Testing services make use of real test cases and we perform it to evaluate the compliance of integrated components or the system with specified functional requirements. Every industry has a regulatory and compliance board that protects the end users. In Compliance Testing, we maintain and validate the compliant state for the life of the software so that it matches the industry standards and protects users rights.

Performance Management & Monitoring

Life never ends for product companies as continuous product management and performance monitoring is required to create a great customer experience and keep the business afloat. We regularly monitor the performance of product, environmental and infrastructure factors and impact of change. Our team of product engineering experts assist customers in improving product functionalities by enhancing the features, optimizing programs, and polishing design & architecture.

End-of-life Platform Support

We assist product companies through the EOL process, adhering to company policies and industry best practices. The end of life (EOL) process for a product or technology involves a series of activities that need to be strategically planned so the end users don’t miss out on anything once the product becomes obsolete. This includes retirement planning, communication, phaseout process, and more.

Industry Disruption Planning & Future-Readiness

Since industry disruption is a mysterious, random and unpredictable event, making plans to combat it forms an integral part of sustenance services. Besides, future-readiness is important, without it the chances of failure is high. As a part of our sustenance services, we offer both and guide our customers on all the agile and forward-thinking steps they can take to save them from disruption and make them adapt to the future with ease.

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