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Web3 & Metaverse

Web3 & <mark class="red-font-color-text">Metaverse</mark>

Web3 uses blockchain in new ways to give users ownership of their digital assets. And the Metaverse brings this to life in an immersive experience.

Web 3 & Metaverse

Moving from
Web2 to Web3

The power of a decentralized, immersive world is upon us. We help companies drop the buzzwords and solve real problems that the blockchain is best suited for. Our designers strip away the technical jargon and implement easy to use experiences. Our blockchain engineers understand what needs to be stored on chain and what can take place off chain to optimize for speed and cost.

InfoBeans has given us a cost effective solution that also abides by international fund transfer law, using blockchain. Their team of experts was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the field
IT Head
Not a Cog-min
You are not another cog in the machine

We care about our client’s success. Many of our clients stick with us for years and years.  You will have access to our client success team and global leaders to ensure your happiness.

Design eye 2
Technology powerhouse with a design eye

Technology powers the work that we do, but business and user goals are what drives the value. Our global design team not only makes products that look great, but also makes sure they are the right solution for the opportunity at hand.

Reduce time-min
Reduce time and cost to deliver

Using our global team means you have access to better pricing and all day development cycles.  Our proven ROI-focused approach & delivery model reduces software waste (time, money, features) meaning we focus on outcomes over outputs.

Digital twin

Training and simulation for corporate offices, factories and manufacturing

Manufacturing / SCM

IOT based preemptive machine fixing in manufacturing


Personalized medical counseling

Customer service

Complaint resolution training for new reps and elevate omni-channel presence

Real estate

Virtual real estate searching and development

Education & learning

Online classes, mentorship and one on one coaching

Fashion & retail

Traceability and loyalty program

Media & communucications

Digital rights and loyalty program

Our experience with InfoBeans has been very positive. We understand clearly that when they say they will provide a WOW customer experience, they mean it..

VP – Integrated Technologies


Enterprise blockchain icon
Enterprise Blockchain

We deliver turnkey blockchain/DeFi solutions using Hyperledger, Ethereum, Solana and Binance Smart Chain.

Pilot Software Icon
Pilot Software

Our team of designers and engineers will help you get a digital product launched faster than you thought possible.

Customer Experience Icon
Customer Experience (Cx)

We look at the end-to-end customer journey and find opportunities to both delight and to remove friction.

User Research icon
User Research

We regularly test our work with users and generate insights from both quantitative and qualitative research methods.