The Challenge

WeWork was leaving a lot of money on the table with new buildings in new markets, which were opening with a lot of empty space. Prospective members struggled to visualize the new spaces in a compelling way, causing lower, slower sales.

InfoBeans Approach

We helped them achieve a goal of 80% occupancy for buildings that are still under construction. We approached this through experiment- driven design, carefully documenting our design debt and validating or invalidating it with research as we went. We created a diary study to examine how internal users’ experiences evolved over time. Using Airtable helped us organize research learnings. We identified and prioritized over 100 new opportunities to improve the experience, and implemented them as we went.

What We Made

We created a virtual tour experience that enabled WeWork’s prospective new members to imagine what it would be like to work there. They can take a virtual 3-D tour, see photos and virtual tours of comparable spaces, and understand WeWork’s benefits and amenities.


The Result

WeWork Sales people loved the tool we created, and many of them used it on most of their tours. Significant revenue was earned on deals involving Spaceport, as prospective new members could visualize what they were buying, and communicate it to stakeholders not present during the original tour. Later in the project, salespeople were also able to use the tool to generate proposals faster, saving time that used to close more deals. 8-Figures in new revenue