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Employee Onboarding gets a new meaning with ServiceNow HRSD


Sandeep Singh Rajput

February 01, 2021

As we enter into 2021, strategic employee onboarding continues to be the key focus for many organizations. The Human Capital Institute has found that companies invested in improving the onboarding experience are more likely to see critical benefits, such as increased engagement levels, decreased time to proficiency, and reduced employee turnover.

ServiceNow, which helps companies manage digital workflows, offers an efficient Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD) module for organizations that seriously aim to reduce their onboarding effort. The module is dedicated to digitizing and streamlining all HR processes and activities and levels up employee experience. Whether for a startup or a seasoned organization, the ServiceNow HRSD module helps new hires ramp faster and become productive sooner.

The module has everything that impresses new employees besides offering ‘Me-time’ to HR personnel, which they can now utilize in more strategic activities. It allows new employees to access all services in a single place, improves HR productivity, enhances cross-functional workflows, and optimizes the entire employee service lifecycle. 

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery suite is not limited to benefitting HR but has something in store for every stakeholder.

For HR professionals

  • Case and Knowledge Management: HR personnel will now be able to standardize documentation, interaction, and fulfilment of employee requests, which improves HR efficiency over time.
  • HR Performance Analytics: It is an application for advanced analysis and reporting on the delivery and standard of HR services. It gives full visibility into all HR aspects; Employee Experience to check for overall impressions internally, NPS to see how employees rate your organization externally, and Retention Rates to make sure your employees are satisfied, motivated, and willing to stay with you.
  • HR Service Delivery Agent Workspace: It provides HR agents with a multi-tab interface for managing multiple cases and a heads-up contextual display that quickly orients them to their tasks.
  • Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions: An application to automate the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding through relocation and cross-department interaction to offboarding. Also available as a part of the web-based suite or in the form of a mobile app.

For Employees

  • Employee Document Management:  It is an application to digitize employee documents and data, facilitating both access and processing via automated workflows.
  • Translations for HR cases in HRSD: It creates task templates for employees so that they would be able to view the short descriptions of their HR cases and tasks in their preferred language.
  • Employee Service Center: It is a portal for employees to share and access information and all HR and employee support services. It is available as a part of the web-based suite and also in the form of a standalone mobile app.
  • Employee Onboarding and Transitions: It automates onboarding and other employee transitions across multiple departments resulting in higher employee satisfaction and HR department efficiency.

For Leadership: The HRSD module monitors the HR departments’ overall progress and helps organize employee interactions in a structured and efficient manner through which it drives down the cost-of-service delivery. On the whole, it replaces manual and siloed processes with cross-functional digital workflows for better employee interactions.

ServiceNow Paris release has exciting new features lined up when it comes to HRSD which has made employee onboarding so easy. Upgrade to Paris to enjoy various features of HRSD, today.

Reach out to identify and address the challenges faced by your HR and discuss the suite and its various options.

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