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We believe in steady contributions to the environment and society that we live in. As a global technology leader, InfoBeans is committed to increase digital literacy and create a sustainable and self-reliant community.


We build digital skills, expand access to quality education and improve the lives of the unprivileged youth

Enivronment Sustainability
Environmental Responsibility

We aim to protect and preserve the planet and to operate our business with integrity that reduces carbon footprints.

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Critical Human Needs

We support initiatives focused on disaster response, hunger relief, and food security. 

Information Technology Excellence Program (ITEP)

Empowering education through world-class training and skill development. Our goal is to help people get better jobs. We have already changed the lives of more than 150 students through the ITEP program.

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More Projects

We aim to make the world around us better through sustainable
innovations, green initiatives, and services to our communities.

Employment Generation
Through Afforestation

The COVID pandemic caused construction to stop in India as well as a mass migration back to hometowns. This resulted in millions of people losing their livelihood. 

InfoBeans partnered with Scientech Foundation to help alleviate some of this pain while improving our environment. Together we planted over 5000 trees in Indore, to create a city forest in an abandoned stone mine. Apart from planting trees, the endeavor also helped develop sustainable water sources by digging small canals to channelize water into ponds. Over time this will help increase the water levels. These activities served a dual purpose – employment generation and afforestation.

Employment Generation
Through Afforestation

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Go Green

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Go Green

InfoBeans continues its efforts to bring eco-friendly and sustainable changes in the community that we live in. We hosted a plantation drive in our office where our teammates planted saplings and pledged to nurture them. These saplings flourished and brought a positive impact on our environment.

The Joy of Donating Blood

Our values are simple and the foundation of our culture stands on four pillars – Excellence, Ownership, Compassion, and Openness. Be it managing team expectations or customer experience; every process is led by our cultural pillars that are at the core of each aspect of the business.

The Joy of Donating Blood

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