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Storage optimization solution powered by AI that right sizes the virtual machine storage and offers a unified dashboard.

Optimize storage, cost and performance

DataMind, the AI storage optimization solution, optimizes both cost and performance by offering a single, unified dashboard that provides first cross-platform visibility. It offers optimum utilization of storage and eliminates storage complexity. 

The current silhouette dashboards from AWS, GCP, and other providers make it difficult to get insights into your entire storage, but DataMind has efficiently eliminated this bottleneck by identifying underutilized and overutilized resources and optimizing configurations. Significant cost savings can be achieved by AI powered recommendations for rightsizing existing clusters across all platforms.

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InfoBeans team helped us create in-house capabilities. Their tailored solutions were phenomenal. We were able to expedite our process and maintain business continuity without any hindrance.
Multivendor storage optimizer for all your storage insights

AI-powered right sizing recommendations

Save money by optimizing resource utilization across platforms

Future-proof automation

Streamline cluster creation with intelligent recommendations

Take control of your storage cards and performance

InfoBeans has been a fantastic partner for me in multiple companies.

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