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Ultra Field History Tracker

Ultra Field History Tracker is a field auditing tool that enforces governance by tracking history data within Salesforce.This can help enterprises to get one step closer to their data security, privacy and compliance needs.




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Why choose us?

Built on top of Salesforce Sharing Model

Field History in Salesforce

  • Tracking : Only Standard
  • Limited no of fields tracked
  • No tracking available on deleted records
  • Retention Only upto 18 months
  • No Reports & Dashboard
  • No Export & Download Facility
  • No Encryption of audited data.

Ultra Field History Tracker

  • Tracking : Custom & Standard
  • Unlimited Field tracking per object
  • Tracks deleted record history
  • Unbound Data Retention
  • Report & Dashboard
  • Download & Export Facility
  • Encryption of audited data
  • Filter Audited Data
  • Advanced Search Engine

Client Testimonial

Works for exactly what we need - great customer support

This product should be a product installed in every organization. We installed it after we figured out custom child objects were not available for tracking natively, which was a huge problem for us. After testing several companies, UFHT was the most cost efficient, simplest to use, and UI was nice. Not to mention their customer support is AWESOME. Highly recommend installing this app for your org!

Karleen Mendoza

Low cost backup

This is a great tool to use for history tracking if you're over the 20 fields allowed by Salesforce. While it's reported on it a custom tab and not the "Contact History" at the bottom of the page it is still easy to report on and a great tool to audit data if there is any discrepancy.

The UFHT Team is great and extremely responsive, solving any issues overnight (due to the time difference) and it was quick to set up.

Riley Schill

UFHT does what it promises

I wanted to thank you to UFHT Team for your assistance in helping me set up UFHT App in our Salesforce instance. Once set up the program runs well and does what it states, tracks all the fields needed for tracking. We are currently tracking over 120 field changes for one object using Ultra Field History Tracker.

Sue Cannon

Great product and support

Salesforce is our MDM source of truth for our org, and given the auditing limits, UFHT has been fantastic. We can see who updated what and when in nearly real time. Great support as well. Responds quickly with results. 5 stars.

JJ Johnson

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