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Ultra Field History Tracker

Ultra Field history tracker hero

Ultra Field History Tracker helps enterprises get one step closer to their data security, privacy and compliance needs.

Ultra Field history tracker hero

Unlimited field history tracking

Ultra Field History Tracker is a field auditing tool that enforces governance by tracking history data within Salesforce. It provides:

  • Forever retention of audited data
  • Easy access to reporting and dashboards
  • Deleted record history and rollbacks
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This product should be installed by every organization. UFHT was the most cost-effective, simplest to use with a nice UI.
Tracking: Custom & Standard

Unbound data retention

Unlimited Field tracking per object

Reports & dashboards

Tracks deleted record history

Ability to download & export

Encryption of audited data

Filter audited data

Low cost backup. This is a great tool to use if you are over the 20 fields allowed by Salesforce. Quick to setup and the UFHT is great and extremely responsive.

Manager, Electronic Media

Why choose Ultra Field History Tracker

  • Canned reports & dashboards
  • Deleted record history and rollbacks
  • Tailored reporting snapshots of audited data
  • Data security through native encryption
  • Advanced search engine
  • Notifications for critical data updates

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