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Customer experience in the 21st Century and beyond

Karl is the co-founder of the Agile World 501(c)(3) Public Charity with Sabrina C E Bruce. He has been named in the Top 100 Thought Leaders and Influencers to follow in 2022 by Thinkers360.

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Fintech for art, from NFTs to the Metaverse to create a solid investment

Dr. Prof. Enrico Molinari is a game changer and innovation omnichannel CMO marketing manager. He is an economist, journalist, international keynote speaker & author, and innovation and digital thought leader for European ITAgreement and Authority Agencies.

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State, condition, or requirement

In the podcast episode titled Readiness - State, Condition or requirement, our speaker Joseph Paris poured his 60 years of life experiences and delivered an engrossing speech on why readiness is so integral for organizations today.

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The societal changes that AI is bringing about

Anthony is the Founder & CEO of Legacy Innovation Group – world-leading strategic innovation consulting firm helping organizations tackle their biggest and most pressing growth challenges.

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Managing employee experience

In the podcast titled ‘Managing Employee Experience’ our guest Christian Buckley shared his experiences of what it takes to keep your employees motivated and how simple or challenging.

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Women in Technology

In the podcast titled 'Women in technology', our guest Hailey Yoon speaks about her experiences as a women entrepreneur and the challenges she faced along the journey. She says that women tries to be perfect at everything, but it is ok to be not perfect.

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Mantra of Product Management

This podcast reflects upon how to efficiently play the role of a product manager. As product managers, you should lay more emphasis on acquiring customers and build seamless communication channels between all parties involved.

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Unlocking Sustainability

In this series, Tom candidly shares fascinating experiences in the farming and agrotech industry, how his organization is breaking the ground and excavating crucial unconventional innovations for the commodities and agriculture sectors.

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Move And Improve

Listen to an intriguing chat between Zahid Sheikh and Akash Ganapathi, Head of Solutions Architecture at JupiterOne. In this series, Akash shares his unorthodox entrepreneurial journey from launching his own startup to playing an instrumental role in JupiterOne's growth.

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Product over Process

Hear some facts on what goes into making a stellar product, from envisaging a #productdesign to strategizing, developing, marketing, taking feedback from the end-users, making revisions to make it stand out and ultimately be used for end customers.

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Make Time or Make Excuses

Listen to an intriguing chat with Brian Sullivan, and learn what it takes to be a successful future designer and how to incorporate Product design thinking and the RITE method for rapid Iterative testing and evaluation.

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