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Strategic Gold Microsoft Partner

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Microsoft Gold Partner

With over 20 years of experience, our Microsoft practice is recognized as one of the industry’s most dependable and agile partners.

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A Microsoft partner that you can count on

Our Microsoft team includes all the essential tools, proven processes, and technical competence to deliver across Microsoft’s vast technology ecosystem. We will address all your business needs with quality and efficiency.
We create high performance enterprise grade applications that take your business to a whole new level. InfoBeans has been developing on the .NET platform since its beta release in 2000 to deliver robust and scalable applications. Our team of experts has intensive experience developing for Microsoft Azure to ensure your business stays on the cutting edge.

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InfoBeans has demonstrated great ability at understanding issues and communicating solutions. They always try to find ways to improve the product and the user experience. They go above and beyond to make sure the product is delivered as expected.
Director, Software Engineering

Our first project on .NET


Agile conversant


Cloud experts


years of avg client tenure

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You are not another cog in the machine

We care about our client’s success. Many of our clients stick with us for years and years.  You will have access to our client success team and global leaders to ensure your happiness.

Technology powerhouse with a design eye illustration
Technology powerhouse with a design eye

Technology powers the work that we do, but business and user goals are what drives the value. Our global design team not only makes products that look great, but also makes sure they are the right solution for the opportunity at hand.

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Reduce cost and time to deliver

Using our global team means you have access to better pricing and all day development cycles.  Our proven ROI-focused approach & delivery model reduces software waste (time, money, features) meaning we build the right thing.

InfoBeans has been a trusted partner for ALM for over 13 years. It has been much more than just your ‘run of the mill’ vendor/customer relationship, they help us both in emergencies and in a strategic way.

Vice President, Technology


Our Azure Cloud tech stack

Creating enterprise and serverless applications
  • Azure PaaS ServicesAzure PaaS Services

  • API ManagementAPI Management

  • App ServicesApp Services

  • Messaging QueuesMessaging Queues

  • Azure Active Directory B2B and B2CAzure Active Directory B2B and B2C

  • Azure FunctionsAzure Functions

  • Service BusService Bus

  • Data storageData storage

Legacy application migration
  • Custom SolutionsCustom Solutions

    Database management
    • Azure Data FactoryAzure Data Factory

    • Azure DatabricksAzure Databricks

    • Azure Data lakeAzure Data lake

      AI/ML solutions
      • Applied AI ServicesApplied AI Services

      • Cognitive ServiceCognitive Service

      • Machine learningMachine learning

      • PowerAutomatePowerAutomate

      Reporting & knowledge
      • PowerBIPowerBI

      • SharepointSharepoint

      • Azure containerAzure container

      • Azure Kubernetes ServicesAzure Kubernetes Services

      • Azure ReposAzure Repos

      • Azure ArtifactsAzure Artifacts

      • Azure PipelinesAzure Pipelines


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