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Driven by our ongoing commitment to enhance the standard creation and distribution experience, we have built ‘Stanza’, a comprehensive solution that encompasses all aspects of the standards development lifecycle and meticulously adheres to ANSI guidelines.

A standards development solution that the industry deserves

Stanza is a collaborative solution for committee management, standards development, voting, and balloting. Stanza automates all of this under one roof. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows teams to use it with minimal supervision.

Stanza makes revision of standards easy and enables your teams working on highly complex standards to collaborate and work more efficiently. Stanza has also made weighted balloting possible, deriving consensus from a variety of sources.

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The InfoBeans team helped us create in-house capabilities. Their tailored training and enablement program were phenomenal. We were able to achieve a 50% reduction in development time.

Technical committees and volunteers calendar
Events and meeting management
Attendance and participation tracking

Standards Management

New requests and revisions
Withdrawal and merges, reinstatement and splits 
Publish cycle management

Membership Management

Approvals and tenure limits, 
Profile, roles, and access  
Expiry and reappointment

Document Management

Shared workspaces
Real-time collaboration and co-authoring
Repositories and flexible structures


Criteria definition 
Circulation and approval
Secret ballot

Advanced administration and reporting

Scheduling, notifications and reminders
Reports and audits (PINs and BSRs)

The design and development processes adopted by InfoBeans in developing and maintaining our applications are flexible and very agile in nature helping us meet our business requirements. InfoBeans consultants understand our vision and consistently do a good job of delivering on time.



Why choose Stanza

  • Integration with any document management platform
  • Enhanced ballot management – weighted balloting
  • Document editing and comment tracking are all under one roof
  • Centralized committee and member management
  • Completely configurable, with flexible permissions, roles, and visibility controls
  • Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world

Empowering NGOs with data-driven insights, seamless social platform integration, and streamlined volunteer recruitment.

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