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SLA-based Managed Services

SLA-based <mark class="red-font-color-text">Managed Services</mark>

Is your team too busy working on unimportant features to focus on future horizons of work? We take that busy work off your team. This keeps the lights on cost-efficiently, while your team can focus on what will help your business reach the next frontier.

SLA-Based Managed Services

Proactive managed services

SLA-based managed services include a range of IT services. We can fix bugs in programs, address security issues, add new functionality or to keep the product compatible with the evolving market. We help customers by offering quick fixes with installation, configurations, and resolution of issues. Our development team assists product owners to develop new features and enhance existing ones.

The processes adopted by InfoBeans in developing and maintaining our applications are flexible and agile which help us meet our business requirements. InfoBeans consultants understand our vision and consistently do a good job of delivering on time.
Not a Cog-min
You are not another cog in the machine

We care about our client’s success. Many of our clients stick with us for years and years.  You will have access to our client success team and global leaders to ensure your happiness.

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Technology powerhouse with a design eye

Technology powers the work that we do, but business and user goals are what drives the value. Our global design team not only makes products that look great, but also makes sure they are the right solution for the opportunity at hand.

Flexible Business-min
Flexible with ongoing business needs

In today’s digital world, business priorities are constantly evolving. We are agile. We meet clients where they are and are highly collaborative.

Manual and automated testing (QA)

Integration testing and regulatory compliance

Product enhancements

Fixing L1, L2 and L3 bugs

Technology change management

Industry disruption planning and future readiness

Our experience with InfoBeans has been very positive. We understand clearly that when they say they will provide a WOW customer experience, they mean it.

VP – Integrated Technologies


Performance Management icon
Performance Management & Monitoring

We improve product performance by enhancing features, optimizing platforms and polishing the design & architecture.

End of life icon
End of Life platform support

We assist product companies through the end of life (EOL) process, adhering to company policies and industry best practices.

Application Modernization
App Modernization

We migrate legacy applications to modern stacks that improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Cloud icon

We help you meet your compliance, governance, and availability requirements for cloud migrations.