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AI and GenAI

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Prepare your IT for AI and GenAI with the help of scalable AI frameworks, applications, and contemporary data operations.

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Make better business decisions with our AI and GenAI services

While identifying AI opportunities for organizations, our expertise helps create a roadmap and initiate sustainable strategies. Our suite of services includes classification models, natural language processing, text-to-speech, speech recognition, image recognition, chatbots, and BI/data science. We enable our customers to improve decision-making and drive the required business growth. 

Our AI and GenAI offerings, such as model selection, hyperparameter tuning, and dataset training, form the bedrock of our AI development endeavors, propelling your business on the path to groundbreaking achievements.

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Strategy consulting

AI technology consulting services to deliver the right business impact and align with desired business outcomes. We help you strategize, plan, and kick-start your project. Our experts assess your organization’s current AI capabilities, infrastructure, and data readiness and develop strategies on how AI can drive value and improve efficiency. Our experts also estimate the impact of innovation on your operations, calculate ROI, and provide all the levers needed to boost AI acceptance across your organization.

AI development

In the realm of AI development, precision is paramount. We extract and process unstructured data, analyze and visualize large datasets and conduct numerous tests to compare the performance of different algorithms to provide data with precision. Under development, model selection, hyperparameter tuning, training the dataset, and validation are also done to ensure optimal performance of the respective models.

Model Building

AI model building typically focuses on solving specific tasks or operating within a narrow domain. To begin with, our experts gather the necessary data that the model will learn from, which is then cleaned and pre-processed in a way that the model can process. Model selection is done based on the nature of the task, followed by model evaluation, deployment, and monitoring. Fine-tuning the model’s hyperparameters to optimize its performance and choosing the appropriate algorithm or neural network architecture that best suits the problem are other crucial steps performed in model building.

GenAI Development

We offer LLM based solution development, NLP software development, business automation solutions, and data analytics software implementation as part of our GenAI development services. Our engineers design and implement custom language models based on the capabilities of Falcon, LLama, GPT, DALL.E2 and more. We bring our NLP, machine learning, and data science expertise to create robust solutions designed specifically for your business.

Model training and customization

Under model training and customization, our services comprise a range of offerings, including LLM model fine-tuning, API integration, data architecture modernization, and cloud migration. We tailor generative AI tools to your relevant business needs while incorporating proprietary data. This ensures models support your unique downstream tasks, operate with high accuracy as per your business case, and deliver innovation at less cost.

UX/UI Design

Backed by user research and analytics, our approach ensures your design choices are based on real user behavior.

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Application Development

We work closely with our clients, understand their vision and design, and architect, develop, and manage their digital products.

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SLA-based Managed Services

We proactively monitor endpoints and keep systems up-to-date, preventing issues and ensuring optimal performance.


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