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A Salesforce Revolution – Social Studio


Stuti Gupta

February 04, 2021

Digital Marketing has become an intrinsic part of everybody’s life. Right from personal use to professional use, Digital marketing is a playground for people to keep their lives updated as well as to network with potential clients which will help their business grow. Right from buying a new pair of shoes to papping at scenic beauties is so much #fomo. Salesforce has tapped in this revolution to enhance new marketing landscapes, engaging the Social Media users in Lead Capturing, nurturing or a quick service desk.

Social Studio is a platform where you can market, watch your risk factors performance or how the latest collection of your product is trending through Social Posts, Personal Messaging or Sentiment gauging. The goal here is to engage with the customer on his personal choices grounds thus benefitting your brand.

It provides variety of Social Channels available in a box full of magic! Topic Profiles is one such feature which helps to understand your brand success or customer interaction through identified marketing keywords. We have an option to customize our keywords as every business has different ways to measure success. Another one is Source Groups, it’s like stealthily monitoring your brand vs competitor’s brand closely. Using this we can even monitor community groups, news channels expressing their experience with our brand.

Social studio’s Sentiment Model is yet another powerful gauging metric for analysing customer’s experience available in multiple languages so if you are upset with bad design of a German car you can customize the Sentiments as “schlechtes Autodesign” for analysing a German customer’s interest. Basically, the idea is to make masses to engage with your brand or reaching to variety of customers irrespective of being bounded to any geolocation.

Social Studio has many ways to make your interaction with Sales/Social/ Service agents personalized and at the same time automating its deliverables thus not depending on the presence of Agent at his desk all the time. One of such is using a Macro where you can inspect a Social Post giving it a higher priority and creating a Case in Service cloud. Engagement Responses is another way to send generalize messages that an Agent doesn’t need to redo every time for every new customer.

Social studio automate is in a class by itself automating tool which can be used to deal with a sizeable proportion of customers seeking your attention at the same moment. One can even setup Threshold Alerts for getting too much of Social Posts within a day or maybe the positive sentiment score crossed a benchmark value since last week. Even we have a privilege of creating Content Libraries having our own dictionary of keywords to analyse our brand value.

The need for having Social Studio altogether as a different marketing platform is to analyse ones brand value, ROIs and building one-to-one customer interaction in order to have 360 degree view of a customer’s interests in your brand and utilizing this information to expand your customer base by cross-selling and upselling through his past experiences of being associated with us.

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