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Intelligent Robotic Process Automation in Oil & Natural Gas Industry - Making a Future Ready Digital Enterprise


Manish Malpani

March 23, 2021

Discover, digitize, automate and optimize processes and functions with our AI-powered intelligent RPA solutions especially made for the Oil and Gas industry and become a future-ready digital enterprise. We are also UiPath premiere partners and offer RPA solutions that are efficient, fast, and scalable.

Robotic Process Automation Use-Cases

Process-wise: Here is a wide range of tasks in Oil and Gas where bots become your best friends.

  • Automation of field operations – RPA assists in check and alerts management in the field operations. It allows stakeholders and top managers to eliminate repetitive field operations management and be involved only in processes requiring human decision-making.
  • Automation of compliance regulations – Bots monitor all the aspects of gas pipelines related regulations, from operations compliance to exception alerts.
  • Research, analytics, and reporting – Programmed bots help in multiple source-related data gathering and compilations for analytics and planning purposes. It is also a great communication tool within setting up partnerships with other oil and gas companies within production and exploration projects.



  • Invoice reconciliation: Software bots execute the same tasks in the same sequence while ensuring fewer errors and eliminating human intervention in invoice reconciliation. They access the mailbox, read emails with invoices, and use OCR capabilities to extract invoice number, amount and date to an excel- file. 
  • Operations cost accounting: Automate general accounting and general ledger processing and computation of joint interest accounting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. 
  • Accounting and Finance tasks in Joint Ventures: Automate repetitive manual tasks associated with joint ventures. Such tasks include a massive amount of data input and output, improving accuracy and impacting significant cycle times.
  • Auditing: Automate reports and documentation requirements for financial and safety audits such that compliance becomes integral to the business process. This renders the business audit-ready, with minimal preparation before the audit and minimal gap resolution efforts afterward.

Supply Chain

  • Journal Voucher (JV) Accounting: As Oil and Natural Gas companies are not geographically restricted, having a Joint Venture is integral to them. As a result, JV accounting becomes a challenge as different geographies follow different accounting principles. RPA addresses all JV accounting concerns judiciously as most of the accounting tasks are repetitive in nature. 
  • Lease Record Management: Most of the companies in oil and natural gas have leases worth billions of dollars and their operations are run in collaboration with foreign governments and partners. It makes the lease record management quite a task. RPA automates the payment required for the leases and generates reports on different leases across geographies, metrics around profitability, and project future trends to help management make better choices.

Human Resource 

  • Talent Acquisition, Development, and Recruitment: Automate many of the human resource functions such as talent management, training, payroll, documentation, data validations, access management, etc. Use blockchain to track and audit credentials and certifications.
  • Onboarding: A programmed bot takes the burden of the data processing routine on all stages, beginning with the initial stage of CV reviews and sorting and ending with all the employee data processing steps till onboarding.
  • Advanced personnel scheduling: Use artificial intelligence (AI) to support work reallocation to ensure all assigned jobs are completed on time with the right skill sets. Automatically create the roster with assigned tasks and all relevant information (what/when/where/how) that gets dispatched to workers’ mobiles for viewing in a safe location. 
  • Training and knowledge management: Deploy augmented and virtual reality to create training environments and on-the-job assistance and support. 

The gradual introduction of automation represents the significant additional business potential for the ONG industry and hence companies are planning significant investments into automation technologies over the upcoming years. Gaining buy-in across the business, understanding how automation enables new operating practices, and adopting a structured approach to implementation are all key for driving increased efficiency and productivity.

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