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From Star Wars to Success: Quest for Personal Growth and Creative Leadership

Fail Faster

Episode 374


35 minutes

Luke Zimbelman, Vice President Stratehy & Design at Citi is an accomplished Executive Marketing & Creative Director.

He has a proven track record of driving business growth for Fortune 30, small businesses, and startups. He is known for his influential leadership, strategic creativity, and holistic achievement mindset that balances healthy people and high productivity. At Citi, Luke has delivered $MM revenue gains, driven GTM strategy, and redesigned flagship product lines. Luke holds a degree in Digital Media from Full Sail University and has founded and managed multiple successful digital product and service organizations. He has received honors such as SEMA 35 Under 35 for excellence in marketing production, creative direction, and strategic execution and is highly regarded by his colleagues for his creativity, empathy, and ability to build strong relationships.

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