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At Your Service: iPad Application Development


Manish Malpani

April 30, 2010

With the announcement of Apple’s new device, the iPad, we’re charged up to make a formal announcement about starting out app development services for the blistering device with a gravid display size of 9.7 inches. We’re brainstorming techniques to make the best of the more gravid display, to improve user feel on what is sure to be a revolutionary add-on to media consumption. Have a blog? Work for a media company? You need an app on the iPad ASAP. InfoBeans is the way to accomplish it.

The launching of iPad, Apple’s new tablet PC has left the whole technocrats extremely aroused. With our former experience in building up applications for iPhone and other Apple devices it was desperate for us to create this specialized unit for iPad application development when Apple announced the launch of iPad. This unit is committed towards customised application development for Apple iPad and goes beyond that in casting comprehensive business solutions, leveraging the dashing features of iPad. We have a devoted a team of senior developers who have an exhaustive understanding of the iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta and can use their experience and skill to develop innovative iPad applications. We realise, iPad, though very similar to iPhone in most cases, will have its own challenges and so have deputed some of our experienced programmers for all iPad app development projects.

Apart from gaming we believe this device will be of great help for print and publishing industry. The set up of iPad is an exciting event for media and publishing houses. iPad caters a great digital delivery platform for content for media and publishing firms. AppStore has proven itself to be a great mechanism for delivering and monetizing digital content. Coupled up with capabilities and convenience of a device like iPad, publishers have to look nowhere else for their choice of electronic content delivery.

Termed as ‘Magical’ & ‘Revolutionary’ product, the iPad is genuinely a great product packed with immense number of professional iPad apps that will enable you to feel the true potential of technology.

With the experience of developing iPhone applications, our professional iPhone application programmers are now geared up to develop iPad applications for businesses and end users.

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