Mitesh Bohra
img-wow Moment
When my kids teach me how I could save mother earth or how to think differently to create an invention.
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Personal Statement
Hard to beat the laughter & fun moments shared with friends talking in Indori at our favorite exotic restaurant.
Aims to
Build organizations that everyone LOVES! One can create profitable ventures but the one which is seen with immense respect is the hardest to build. Achieving that feat will be one of the best accomplishments.
Chase dreams relentlessly but ethically. Fulfilment of a dream is a step in the journey full of dreams. Never forget that happiness is in the journey and punches you get during this will only make you stronger.
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Do new things, do tough things. Vinod Khosla said this, I know I follow it.
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Avinash Sethi
Co-founder & CFO
Think beyond and big. Act immediately. Deliver thoughtfully.
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Siddharth Sethi
Co-founder & CEO