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GoKarma provisions NGO’s to tap into their full potential to actualize their cause. It helps establish a 360-degree view of constituents such as donors, volunteers, beneficiaries and service providers.

Transforming NGOs using technology

GoKarma helps NGOs/NPOs to enhance administrative flexibility, expand their donor reach globally, expedite decision-making, improve staff efficiency, and take timely actions in order to facilitate the NGOs to be self-reliant.

GoKarma provides in-depth insights into beneficiary interactions and preferences while seamlessly integrating with major social platforms. This allows for razor-sharp operational efficiency and the creation of customized, target-focused campaigns and events. Furthermore, GoKarma simplifies the volunteer recruitment process by replacing cumbersome paper-based methods, making it a versatile and powerful tool for nonprofit organizations.

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MMF is glad to have a fruitful association with GoKarma.
Manage events/campaigns

Maintaining beneficiaries data

Beneficiary and supplier management

Donor and volunteer management

Social insights

Dashboards and reports

Payment gateway integration

Brand building

GoKarma as a solution helped RNCT achieve skill and seamless execution

Co-founder and trustee


Why choose GoKarma

  • Increase and expand the reach to donors globally
  • Automated reminders/alerts enable adhering to statutory compliance
  • Track the allocations of donations and progress of beneficiaries
  • Seamless integration with social platforms
  • 100% native to Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform on-cloud solution
  • Op-ex model (rather than Capex)

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