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Overburdened by ServiceNow storage costs? Spacewarp reduces your ServiceNow storage cost by 80%. As a bonus, it also improves your database performance without affecting your user experience.


Save money on
ServiceNow storage

Spacewarp is an easy-to-configure, rule-based tool that drastically cuts down on your ServiceNow storage. It offloads the data from the ServiceNow server to its preferred storage, saving money and time. It does not conflict with your ServiceNow configuration, implementation & environment. The offloaded data is accessible on the ServiceNow interface with a single click, on demand, and seamlessly!

Improve your ServiceNow performance with:

  • Seamless Restoration
  • One-click restoration of offloaded data when needed
  • Cloud and local storage support
  • Deep and intelligent search
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Spacewarp helped us reduce incremental YoY database growth by ~70% and the initial data offload led to a significant cost offset, leading to less than 10 months of ROI on SpaceWarp.
Head of ServiceNow and Sharepoint
A leading logistics company

Spacewarp makes a huge difference when you consider storage costs incurred every month. Around 85% reduction in additional storage cost

Improved search performance

Offloading helps improve search performance on the ServiceNow instance. Nearly 30% immediate performance improvement post offloading about 50 MB of data

Local/remote storage support

Choose your preferred storage location on-premise or cloud and get going

Custom rules/control offloading

Freedom to customize offloading rules via configurable items

Data consistency

Data consistency despite data separation

Secured data 

GDPR* compliant highly secured data migration and deletion process

Its native ServiceNow UI and ability to plug into our highly customized instance with limited effort has enabled us to start reaping benefits of DB offloading very early after the license purchase.

Head of ServiceNow and Sharepoint

A leading logistics company

Why choose Spacewarp?

  • Quick setup without affecting run time data processing
  • Easy integration with preferred local/remote data servers
  • Offload selected records or selected fields/content like attachments, field values, audit data, email data, etc.
  • Customize and configure offloading rules.
  • Utilize multiple target storage for offloaded items and distribute offloaded content.
  • Highly secured data restore mechanism. Single click restore facility.
  • MID Server cluster support, cloud storage support

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