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Lighthouse Salesforce solution

Lighthouse is a Salesforce solution that offers a comprehensive view of Salesforce instances, governs limits quota consumption, and expedites release velocity. It fosters innovation and business continuity through proactive monitoring and notification.

Lighthouse Salesforce solution

Take data-driven decisions to optimize the organization’s performance

Lighthouse comes with many benefits, offers view of the entire data on a single screen, has customizable dashboards, and identifies trends over time while being easy to maintain. It is loaded with incredible features like insight into 85+ Salesforce system limits consumption, behavior monitoring using the control center, system and user usage and trends, policy-based automated alerts, and smart recommendations.

Lighthouse offers a unified experience with comprehensive product capabilities to analyze and monitor the governor limits imposed on your Salesforce instance.

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InfoBeans team helped us create in-house capabilities. Their tailored solutions were phenomenal. We were able to expedite our process and maintain business continuity without any hindrance.
Comprehensive audit for 45+ Salesforce limit parameters

Real-time monitoring of org limits consumption

Canned reports around limit consumption

Real-time alerts for pre-configured threshold limits breach

Prescriptive recommendations towards limit breach resolutions

Native and immersive user experience

InfoBeans has been a fantastic partner for me in multiple companies.

Chief Information Officer



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