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Next-gen Web3 and Blockchain solutions

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Enable decentralized interactions between users and organizations. Leverage leading high-end Blockchain platforms and enterprise-grade solutions, products, services, and accelerators to bring scalability and transparency without compromising security or efficiency.

Enterprise blockchain icon illustration of 7 interconnected boxes

Unfold business scalability with Web3 & blockchain

With Web3, users have more control over data and interactions. While eliminating the need to switch between multiple wallets, Web3 makes digital transfer across blockchain networks easy and convenient.

Our Web3 consulting helps you move towards decentralization, craft digital assets and strategies for brands and enterprises, and leverage loyalty rewards for building user engagement. Also, you can quickly create extraordinary realities with the help of 3D & VR experiences within your digital twin to enhance functionality and usability across the applications.

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“Reliability, dedication, uninterrupted team continuity, and a continued desire to challenge every idea in constant pursuit of excellence. I guess our actions prove that we have complete trust in InfoBeans team.”
Chief Technology Officer

We offer comprehensive Web 3.0 consulting to implement blockchain, enhance customer experience through decentralization, and explore the metaverse. Our consultants work as your extended team to understand areas that need progress.

Application development

The use of decentralized technologies changes how applications are designed, developed and deployed. Be it decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs or Web3 and blockchain, application development can be used to create secure, transparent, and trustless solutions. Businesses can explore our Web3 and blockchain expertise for their application development needs.


We enable existing applications to work with enterprise blockchain architecture seamlessly via a blockchain integration layer. It handles the complexities of blockchain system integration and smart contracts & communicates with legacy applications.

Enterprise blockchain

We develop applications for a range of industries and governments, covering areas such as asset tracking, provenance, tokenization, payment settlement, NFT loyalty rewards, infrastructure, and contract management. 


We provide a multidimensional experience utilizing AR/VR technology, enhancing engagement for customers, team members, and vendors. We bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms, fostering immersive interactions and seamless integration across platforms.


We craft digital assets and strategies tailored for brands and enterprises, offering long-term solutions to safeguard brand equity. Our expertise includes developing custom NFT platforms, digital asset wallets, and secure integrations to meet diverse business needs.

web3 and blockchain types of projects

Types of web3 and blockchain projects

  • Bespoke NFT Marketplace development framework
  • Digital assets and strategies for brands and enterprises
  • Loyalty rewards augmentation
  • Virtual real estate procurement & development
  • 3D environment development (event, social, corporate)
  • Collaborative spaces/live sales in Metaverse/device independent
  • IoT & Web3 integrations
InfoBeans has given us a cost effective solution that also abides by international fund transfer law, using blockchain. Their team of experts was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the field.

IT Head

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AI and GenAI

AI or Gen AI, consulting, development or model building. You ask for any of them. We will deliver.

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We ensure secure migration of your data to a more efficient environment – Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud


Our expertise across the entire Salesforce technology ecosystem helps clients maximize their Salesforce ROI.

UX/UI Design

Backed by user research and analytics, our approach ensures your design choices are based on real user behavior.


Let's explore how we can create WOW for you!