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End of Life Platform Support

End of Life <mark class="red-font-color-text">Platform Support</mark>

Digital software doesn’t end once a product is released. The real work begins after the launch. We keep your products updated to meet evolving market demands.

Platform Support

Extend product life, expand revenue

Our managed services help you extend the lifespan of your core products, enhance their performance, and ensure they remain relevant in the market. This translates to increased revenue potential and improved profitability for your business.

We assist product companies through the end of life (EOL) process, adhering to company policies and industry best practices. The EOL process for a product or technology involves a series of activities that need to be strategically planned so the end users don’t miss out on anything once the product becomes obsolete. This includes retirement planning, communication, phaseout process, and more.

We enjoy working with all members of their team and are very happy with their output. I have no hesitation in recommending InfoBeans.
Project Manager
Not a Cog-min
You are not another cog in the machine

We care about our client’s success. Many of our clients stick with us for years and years.  You will have access to our client success team and global leaders to ensure your happiness.

Flexible Business-min
Flexible with ongoing business needs

In today’s digital world, business priorities are constantly evolving. We are agile. We meet clients where they are and are highly collaborative.

Reduce time-min
Reduce cost and time to deliver

Using our global team means you have access to better pricing and all day development cycles.  Our proven ROI-focused approach & delivery model reduces software waste (time, money, features) meaning we build the right thing.

From regular stand-ups, to weekly sprint planning and monthly retros where we discussed what was working well / what we can fix – the team was always working to adapt and improve.

Project Manager

Application Modernization
Application Modernization

We migrate legacy applications to modern stacks that improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Performance Management icon
Performance Management & Monitoring

We improve product performance by enhancing features, optimizing platforms and polishing the design & architecture.

SLA based managed services icon
SLA-based Managed Services

We proactively monitor endpoints, keep systems up-to-date and prevent issues from happening.

Pilot Software Icon
Pilot Software

Our team of designers and engineers will help you get a digital product launched faster than you thought possible.