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Product Engineering

We build future-proof technology products

With 20 years of leadership in software product engineering, we bring together the expertise, operating models and technology required to design, architect, develop and manage your product lifecycle through efficient delivery, faster time to market, innovation and differentiation in competitive markets.

We are your reliable IT partner carving solutions right from ideation to final delivery and even assisting you with the go-to-market strategies.

Key Differentiators
InfoBeans Approach Towards Product Engineering
Product Ideation
Product ideation sets the ground for the development process where all the stakeholders brainstorm the product concept and contribute based on their experience, insights, and ideas. We take an active part in creating their dream product by mapping the product requirements and aligning them with our expertise and intelligence.
  • Gap Analysis

    We benchmark innovation with the help of a gap analysis of the product requirements.

  • Proof of Concept

    We help in designing and executing a product concept to demonstrate functionality.

  • Custom Architecture Development

    We provide turn-key solutions to develop product and application architectures.

Product Design and Development
Product design and development forms an integral part of the product development cycle. While Product design sets a direction for developing exceptional products, product development refers to the actual development of the product using various technology stacks. Our technology experts help in designing efficient, agile, and optimized products that meet the business requirements. Our experience and domain knowledge help ISVs & enterprises build superior, differentiated products that strengthen their competitive edge in a dynamic marketplace.
  • Prototyping

    We help validate a product by building prototypes before the actual production and testing them.

  • End-to-end Product Development.

    Our expertise in product development is not only until it gets developed, but we also assist our customers with end-to-end development.

  • Usability Engineering & Multilingual Support

    We offer support with usability testing of the product and customize it to provide a localized experience.

Product Testing
The Quality Assurance & Testing phase goes hand-in-hand with the product development phase. With all the latest execution methods, our QA and Testing experts help ease the testing process and take control of the end to end testing process.
  • Planning Test Strategy

    We help in strategizing the testing process to align with the product development life cycle

  • Test Automation

    We get the test cases automated for an efficient product development life cycle with scope for continuous improvement.

Product Deployment and Sustenance
The real test is when the product is delivered and made available to your customers to run. Our dedicated resource handles the post-delivery tasks and provides remarkable customer experience by offering deployment, updates, integration, migration, and modernization of the product.
  • On-site Testing & Deployment

    Our dedicated team of experts helps in providing on-site product testing and deployment.

  • Feature Enhancement

    We believe in continuous improvement, even post-delivery. Our engineering experts help in feature and product enhancement.

  • Integration, Porting, and Migration

    Our technology competence and versatility help us provide better integration, porting, and migration support to our customers.

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