Automation Engineering

Gain agility, accuracy and speed with automation

We are known for our expertise in providing automated testing services to our global clients. We adapt our automation processes to the project requirement by creating scalable and reusable frameworks.

Test automation is our main testing strategy for efficiency and effectiveness, extending to end-to-end automation for testing complex systems, in order to adapt to different modes of application development life cycles.

Build and Release automation enables businesses to achieve continuous integration and faster deployment cycles. A business can become nimbler and launch a small feature or improvement to a product without waiting for the next major release cycle.

Automation Engineering Stack

Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selendroid
Appium, Cucumber, TestNG
Java, Python

Benefits of Test Automation

Layer-63Cost effective automated testing
sparkIncreased test coverage without additional resources
Layer-63Consistent and accurate results
sparkScalable and reusable to test
Layer-63HTML reporting and log for every step with screenshots
sparkHigh performance and improved test execution time

Case Studies

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