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RapidApprove Connect: Revolutionizing the approval process


Vidhi Songhela

April 25, 2024

RapidApprove Connect made its debut at Innovation Day 2024, InfoBeans’ annual flagship event.

Recognizing a notable gap in existing Salesforce Clouds, we observed the absence of a mass approval option, which posed a challenge for clients seeking streamlined approval processes. In fast-paced business environments, quick decision-making is paramount, yet the lack of a mass approval option has become a bottleneck. Our aim was clear – to simplify the entire mass approval process.

Solution: RapidApprove Connect

Enter RapidApprove Connect. RapidApprove Connect can optimize your approval workflows and decision-making processes. The solution integrates seamlessly within Salesforce Clouds to provide a mass approval option. This empowers decision-makers to tackle multiple requests at once.

Key features

  • Mass approval functionality: Implement a mass approval option within Salesforce Clouds. This enables the decision-makers to review and approve multiple requests simultaneously.
  • Real-time notifications: Integrate with popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp to provide real-time notifications. This ensures that decision-makers are promptly informed of pending approvals.
  • User experience enhancement: Enhance the overall user experience for managers and decision-makers by streamlining the approval workflow.
  • Increased operational efficiency: Implementing mass approval and real-time notifications will contribute to increased operational efficiency. This will foster a more agile decision-making process within the Salesforce environment.

Solution applicability

RapidApprove Connect offers the ability to mass approve and reject approvals across any Salesforce object. Additionally, it enables approval and rejection directly from WhatsApp, providing convenience and accessibility to decision-makers. Whether it’s simple leave applications or complex scenarios requiring mass approval or rejection, RapidApprove Connect is equipped to handle diverse approval processes seamlessly.

Let’s consider that an employee applies for leave, and that application has to go to the manager for approval or rejection. The manager will get an email as well as a WhatsApp notification. They can either approve, reject or offer feedback and comments.

In the above example, we have addressed a simple scenario, but this solution is also applicable for complex scenarios like mass approval or mass rejection from email as well as WhatsApp.

Future roadmap

RapidApprove Connect is ready for internal organizational use, and our future plans include making this much-needed and useful functionality available to external Salesforce users through the Salesforce AppExchange platform.

Final thoughts

RapidApprove Connect stands poised to revolutionize approval workflows within Salesforce environments. By addressing the critical need for a mass approval option and enhancing the user experience through real-time notifications, our solution empowers decision-makers to streamline processes and make informed choices swiftly. As we look ahead, our commitment to innovation drives us to explore further enhancements. Our aim is to ensure that RapidApprove Connect remains at the forefront of facilitating agile decision-making and operational efficiency within organizations.

For an overview of RapidApprove Connect from our team, watch the video below:

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