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Take your Standards Development to the next level

Designed exclusively for standards developing organizations, Stanza is a comprehensive solution for committee management, standards development, voting, and balloting.

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Start using the solution today! Begin your free trial, available for up to 10 users and 3 staff members. Manage 2 committees and roll out up to 20 ballots to experience this truly integrated solution.

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No. of Committees31050
No. of Users50150500
Email Support
Document Management**
No. of Ballots20100500
Maintenance for 1 year

**The client will provide access to Google Drive and SharePoint storage.

Why choose ?

  • Integration with any document management platform.
  • Enhanced ballot management: weighted balloting.
  • Centralized committee and member management.
  • Remotely accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Document editing and comment tracking are all under one roof.
  • Configurable with flexible permissions, roles, & visibility controls.

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