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Agile development finally coming to the main stream?


Siddharth Sethi

December 21, 2008

Just saw this post on techcrunch.

Software development methodologies are one of those things that are hard to change. They have a huge latency to change and you keep coming back to the same old practices in-spite of an initial conscious effort to change.

Question really is – is the change necessary? Shouldn’t we live with the software processes that are good for the project at hand? Should we always follow one method for all the projects that we do? Can’t one project have different ways of development depending on who you are interacting with?

What ever the answer to any of the questions above – one thing is certain – the software industry needs to wake up to the fact that the number of bugs that are being churned out today need to reduce drastically in order to create more efficient ways of getting out software. We are in any case moving away from pure coding to business processes.

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