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The ultimate AI cheat sheet: 9 AI tools to finish hours of work in seconds


Vatsala Garg

April 11, 2023

Let’s make one thing clear.

AI is NOT going to take your jobs. It is, in fact, here to make your life easier.

Think of AI tools as unpaid interns who can work 24/7 without any complaints. Now, isn’t that the dream? 

You’re really missing out if you haven’t explored the vast arena of AI tools that have recently emerged. And while everyone’s talking about ChatGPT, there is more to AI than just ChatGPT. 

The internet is filled with AI tools, ready to make your work 10 times easier by automating tedious tasks. So, here’s a list of nine amazing AI tools that can make you finish hours of work in just a few seconds. Let’s take a look: 

Looking for that perfect quote to supplement your brilliant article? Try Talk to Books, a Google-made AI that returns multiple quotes or passages from Google’s library of 10,000+ books. Make a statement or ask a question to browse passages from books that either answer your questions or pertain to your sentence. 

Google Sheets is a magical tool in its own right. Granted, you know how to use it well. Do you struggle to remember complex Excel formulas or spend hours trying to create them from scratch? Well, stop that! Now, you can use Sheetplus.ai. Simply input a description of the formula you require, and the AI will generate the accurate formula within seconds. It can also do VBA coding.

Tired of spending hours on research? Try Bearly.ai. The AI tool summarizes long articles and gives you the gist of the content within seconds. Just add it as a Chrome extension and summarize any article you want. It can even summarize video transcripts of YouTube videos. Isn’t that amazing?

Think of Perplexity as a mix of ChatGPT and Google Scholar. Similar to ChatGPT, this little AI tool directly answers any question you may ask – factually correct. So, instead of crawling through multiple web pages on Google, enjoy a short, direct answer to your query with citations included for further research. 

One of the biggest issues with online communication is the excess background noise that sneaks into your calls. Trust me, your colleagues don’t need to hear the sounds of your children fighting or your dog barking. Krisp AI is here to the rescue! This handy little tool removes background voices, noises, and echoes from all your calls, giving you peace of mind.

Searching for that perfect little track for your video or podcast? Beatoven.ai composes customisable, royalty-free music to fit every segment of your video or podcast using advanced AI music generation techniques. Browse through a great collection of genres and styles and create the music score that best suits you. So, off you go, little Beethoven!

Why waste hours editing your podcast when you could be doing something much more productive? Like creating your next podcast episode? Let Cleanvoice take care of all that boring editing work. This AI tool removes filler sounds, stuttering, and mouth sounds from your podcast or audio recording. Needless to say, this makes your editing efforts 10 times faster.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just give the brief and get the exact image you wanted? Well, now you can! Design branded content in just a flash. Just drag your product photos onto the Canvas. Visually describe the scene surrounding your product. Edit, export, and share! 

Now that you’ve created your brand image, do you now need a brand video? Here comes Synthesia. Use this AI to create professional videos from text. You can create AI avatars and voices in more than 120 languages. This is a time and cost-efficient alternative to the complex and costly traditional video creation processes.


These are just some of the tools you can try. There are so many more out there. And each one is more intriguing than the next. 

There is a lot of discourse out there on whether AI will replace humans. But here’s the truth. AI, as it stands currently, must work in tandem with humans. AI is there to help humans by removing the tasks from the workday that no one wants to do. It has the potential to eliminate tedious tasks and increase attention to crucial ones. It cannot replace humans. Not yet, anyway. 

AI is meant to be embraced, not discarded. Don’t be scared. Go forth, little human traveler. Take your first steps into a brand-new world where artificial intelligence and human intelligence work together. We, as a generation, stand on the cusp of something extraordinary. Come, let us all be a part of it!

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