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The Android Apps Wave


Siddharth Sethi

January 05, 2010

As if the iPhone wave was not enough, we already have another wave in Google Android.

With the new Google phone around the corner, there will be this new super wave of Android apps. We are looking at creating not only new apps but porting existing iPhone and web apps.

Businesses will have to soon ensure that they are present on the Android marketplace to not lose out on the huge customer base that Android is anticipated to garner in quick time. The Android phone is expected to be a wider success geographically since it is open source and any mobile manufacturer can build a device using the operating system.

InfoBeans has put together a mobile portability team that will help you convert your iPhone and web apps into Android apps in double quick time and less investment. Our mobile portability team will ensure that you do not reinvent the wheel but reuse your existing asset to the maximum extent possible.

We are confident of converting most iPhone apps to Android Apps in about 50-70% of the original cost. We are working on creating tools that can automate code conversion. We will also be reusing a lot of the original User Interface assets like images, buttons, animation etc.

If you are worried about how to tackle this, then don’t be. Talk to us. We will put a plan in place to make sure that your apps are ported seamlessly to the new platforms – not only Android, but others as well.

Write to us at iphone@infobeans.com and we will be glad to help!

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