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AR Business Card: Leave a lasting impression on your network


Tarulata Champawat

March 25, 2020

Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes computer-generated objects (3d models, images, text, etc.) on the users’ view of the real world and provides a composite view. It brings forth an unimaginable technological revolution, which has altered the way we conduct business. AR Business Card is one such idea that uses AR to scan the regular business cards and provides detailed information relevant to a business.


Business Cards or Visiting Cards are used by one and all. It gives a brief idea to your visitor about yourself, your business, ways to contact you like your phone number, email id, Skype ID, etc. and links to your company’s social media handles. Business cards are of the utmost importance when you visit a seminar/conference or large public gathering where you meet a lot of current and potential clients and exchange your business cards. The biggest challenge with a traditional business card is the lack of space, and you can only make use of text and graphics. 


AR Business cards are interactive and can store hordes of relevant information about your business. It leaves a lasting impression on your contacts and offers a better way to represent your business interactively. 

How it works:

AR Business card appears on scanning the regular business card through the App. It helps to project business information like the social media profile, Geolocation, web link, services offered, awards, and much more. AR offers a wide range of options to open the limited space of business with the integration of video of a business prospect.

application configuration


  • Scans business cards and person’s company related details in the app along with images, videos, 3D animations, etc..
  • Call function: It redirects to calling.
  • Social media icons redirect to respective social media pages.

For a detailed demo, please check the video

Use Case:

  • For Product Catalogue: Offer details about the product, its features, dimensions, price, etc. when scanned  
  • For personal profiles/resumes: Scan resumes and personal profile and gives details about a person, his qualification, experience

Technologies Used: 

  • Unity 2019
  • Vuforia 

Sensors required

  • Camera
  • Global Positioning Sensor (GPS)
  • Accelerometer 
  • Compass + CPU,GPU,RAM

Tools Required: 

  • Hand-held device
  • Heads-up display
  • Meta 2

Conclusion: Augment means to enhance, and AR Business Card is an incredible way to enhance your brand positioning. It not only makes you look technologically advanced but also offers a complete information about your enterprise in one meeting. It helps your client or visitor make an informed and quick decision.

Watch the demo video here

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