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Back to where it all began


Siddharth Sethi

December 24, 2010

InfoBeans was founded by three SGSITS alumni – Avinash, Mitesh and me (Siddharth). We spent our formative years in that institution and the seeds to our friendship and subsequent business association, were sown at this very campus. We entered as three individuals, but we came out as one, to define our own space and take on the world.

Shaping not just our careers, but our lives, this wonderful institute has contributed immensely. Wonderful made by the rich history, faculty, location (right next to 3 major movie theaters!!!) and global alumni.

Time and again we vividly remember our days in the hallowed hallways of this beautiful campus. We remember the tensions, the fights, the assignments, the vacation like PLs, the professors, the friends, the foes and all the desires, dreams and wants of those years. The most burning desire of those times being just a chance to pass by the hostel across the ground. Yeah, you know which one 🙂

On the 29th of December, after 14 years, we are coming to campus, again. This time as InfoBeans. We are organizing our first recruitment event at SGSITS. And boy, are we glad to be back! It is a special feeling.

We bring the same set of dreams that each one of us have aspired for in our years at the institute. But there is a difference. Along with those dreams, we also bring a chance to fulfill those dreams. And a chance to bring about the most important change in our lives. A chance to transition from a dreamer’s world to the actual world, without really shattering those dreams.

We bring for you a chance to bring true happiness in your lives. A chance to challenge yourself all over again. A chance for you to make a solid positive impact in your environment.

We would be really happy to interact with all of you to see how best we can associate to come out of campus, not as individuals, but as a team, an organization, a family. To take on the challenges of the world and come out winners. Together.

Let us talk and find out how best we can help you fulfill your dreams. And how best we can make sure that we all live a life of happiness!

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