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ServiceNow summit - Calgary

One of the proud sponsors of ServiceNow Summit – Calgary

As one of the sponsors of the ServiceNow Summit in Calgary, it is your opportunity to meet our team of ServiceNow experts and learn how you can make the world work better for your employees, customers, and partners. In today’s fast-changing world, it’s more critical than ever to embrace digital solutions that make everyone and everything work better.

We are bringing innovation, knowledge, and community to you. This exclusive event localizes insights, spotlights innovations, and hosts conversation and collaboration with experts. The ServiceNow Summit will inspire ideas, initiatives, and innovations based on today’s most pressing challenges.

This is the perfect chance to:

  • Explore new innovations to help you optimize processes, connect silos, and create new value in your business.
  • Expand your knowledge with informative sessions from other industry leaders who are creating great experiences in these changing times. 
  • Engage your community of customers, partners, and industry experts through meetings and in-person networking to accelerate your digital transformation with ServiceNow.

About the event

ServiceNow Summits are thoughtfully designed to bring innovation, community, and knowledge to your doorstep—so you can leave energized to make work work better. You’ll hear local insights from other customers, engage in conversations with experts, and leave brimming with ideas so you can focus on the work that matters. Get informed and inspired with industry roundtables, sessions, and conversations that explore how ServiceNow can help your organization do its best work and create value with ease, efficiency, and speed.

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