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UXDX Community: Server Driven UI & Generative AI - New York

Don’t miss out on an exciting talk on Transforming Product Development: Leveraging Generative AI in UX, Design and Product Development Teams. On the panel will be our design leader, Emerson Taymor along with Chris Avore, Jacobus Kok, and Amanda Gelb. This session aims to explore the burgeoning world of Generative AI and its transformative impact on product development. The panelists will talk through both the theoretical frameworks and practical applications of AI in enhancing product development processes, increasing efficiency, and fostering innovation in design. Key discussion points will cover:

  • AI-driven design innovation: How Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of design and product delivery, pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality.
  • Enhancing team efficiency: Practical insights into how AI tools can streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and optimize project timelines for product teams.
  • Case studies in AI integration: Real-world examples from the panelists’ experiences, showcasing how AI has been effectively integrated into product development strategies.
  • Balancing creativity and automation: Discussing the interplay between human-led design thinking and AI-generated solutions, and finding the right balance for maximum impact.
  • Future trends and ethical considerations: Exploring the future trajectory of AI in design, including potential ethical implications and the role of human oversight in AI-generated content.

Talk on 06 Feb, 7:45 pm – 8:05 pm (New York) – Main Stage

On the panel

Emerson Taymor
SVP, Global Sales & Marketing

Chris Avore
Vice President and Head of Design
Northwestern Mutual

Amanda Gelb
Research Manager & Area Lead

Jacobus Kok (Moderator)
VP of Product

About the event

UXDX Community: Server Driven UI & Generative AI – New York is an in-person series focussed specifically on helping product people within New York bridge the gap between Product, UX, Design and Dev to build better products, faster together.

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