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The future belongs to the iPad and similar devices


Manish Malpani

May 11, 2010

Normal people don’t like today’s computers. Most loathe them because they can’t fully understand their absurd complexity and arcane conventions. The iPad on the other hand has been built with simplicity in mind, forgoing many features taken for granted in today’s computers. Keeping things simple for the majority, it is going to make redundant the computer awareness/training institutes that have mushroomed around the globe. That’s why the iPad will kill today’s computers, exactly like the latter bolted down computers running with punch cards and command lines.

Of course, the iPad—the actual product that millions will buy in the coming months—will not put back all computers. Allowing the applications do the work in the easiest way possible, the ability of the computer will, ultimately, be available for everyone. No former knowledge needed. From a 2-year-old baby to your 90-year-old grandma, people will be able to just do things.

The possibilities of a device like this are substantial, too many to talk about here comprehensively. This device isn’t quite a laptop, but is more functional than an iPhone. The screen real estate makes the iPad apps infinitely more usable, unlike an iPhone in some situations. It’s light and thin, so can easily fit into a backpack or a ladies’ purse.

In science fiction you see depiction of devices that are carried around in hands and do everything. That device is no longer science fiction, it is current and it is the Apple iPad. This invention will change the way we live our lives. People can have everything they need in the palm of their hand. This product can be a travelling entertainment hub. You can store an entire iTunes library on it, you can stream movies from on line services on it, and you will be able to play games on the iPad.

But it is not just fun and games. It can also improve business, optimize communication, and information retrieval. Dashboards, forms, worflows – all can be easily accomplished from the iPad. It can replace hours of paper work and filing by making things efficient and digital for the knowledge worker.

The iPad has the potential to do for magazines and newspapers what the iPod did for music. It has provided publishers with a new platform to work for. They also have the opportunity of offering new subscription models and can even place individual publications as solitary products or applications. No doubt the look and feel of publishing industry is set for a major face-lift.

InfoBeans is excited to work on this cutting edge technology. We bring the right mix of business and technology expertise to help you transform traditional businesses into the new world of digital technology where audience engagement is the name of the game. If you need an integrated approach to managing and distributing your content – over the web and mobile devices InfoBeans can be your trusted partner.

Contact us at ipad@infobeans.com for more information.

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