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Holiday Tips Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein


Prajakta Samant

October 31, 2020

2020 has been a year like no other but you have tried your best and set the Q4 goals with well thought promotional campaigns and carefully drafted creatives so I want to share 3 tips using #MarketingCloud #Einstein that could very well be just the fairy dust you need for that dreamy customer experience this holiday season

Marketing Cloud Einstein has multiple features but these are my recommendations for organizations wanting to catapult the growth this holiday season

Predicts you consumer engagement with Einstein Engagement Scoring

It aggregates your customer data into a dashboard to provide audience-level insights and individual contact-level scores. Keep a close eye on the subscriber list in these dashboard and find out the top performers. Then segment those into lists and target the right audience to engage. Once this is set you can harness full potential of Email Studio, Journey Builder, Advertising Studio, or Audience Builder for best possible consumer engagement

Be at the right place at right time with Einstein Send Time Optimization

It predicts optimal send times so that the message you send is most likely to be opened by your customer. What’s the value add with best of your content if the audience would not even click open it. Configure it for each business unit you want to leverage this feature for and skip the ones you don’t deem mature with enough historical data to use the feature.

Be on top of your content personalisation game with Einstein Content Selection

With the previous 2 features you have laid a good foundation to ensure you are targeting the best of your audience and at best of the time so here is the ultimate tip to get best out of all your efforts. Using Einstein Content Selection gives you the ability to employ AI to decide what content is most relevant for a particular subscriber. If the content brings value to the receiver it helps translate the touchpoint into a buying decision. While Einstein intelligently makes the decisions the control is still in your hands with Content Selection Rules to determine what content to select and if some assets can’t be selected and included in a message.

All in all intelligence, flexibility and discipline is all combined together with Marketing Cloud Einstein.

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