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House Hunting- from haunting to convenient


Enterprise Mobility Practice

September 16, 2013

Today we are so much indulged & surrounded by technology, that we can’t even imagine living without it. Especially if we talk about our cellphone loaded with amazingly user-friendly apps, I’m sure there is hardly any reason to go anywhere without it. In fact it’s becoming a primary object that we care about. As concluded; mobile apps are little assets that we unwittingly keep on our mobile devices to make life convenient.

Mobile Apps are ruling all businesses. Business owners now say that without a mobile app, operating their business was really tough, but after bringing mobility into their businesses, the communication between employees & customers has been greatly enhanced & workflow has become a whole lot easier.

In this article I am to tell you about the benefits of a real estate mobile app to real estate business & its customers.

If you are a real estate business person, normally how do you connect & communicate with your prospective home buyers?

There is no task tougher than searching manually; a prospective home buyer or for a buyer it almost haunts to find you with a property of his interest.

But with a real estate mobile app you can easily erase all these difficulties with a single tap. In real time, you do not have to find your customers but your customers are going to find you.

You can let them know if the house that fits in their criteria, has just come into the market. Just imagine a person is driving and suddenly sees a “House on sale” sign in the yard, if he has your app, he can instantly see the property details and can call you or schedule a property visit with a single tap. Your prospects are mobile and now you can go right along with them as they begin the search for their new home.

Looking at growing technology adoption, it’s time for you to keep in touch with your prospective buyers at every stage of their property search and to help them make a smart decision at convenience. A smart mobile app can definitely bring all the advantages; where a user can search and filter the properties for rent or sale based on various criteria i.e. specific keywords of preferred home type or location. He can compare from various options, view the property layouts, pictures and other details.

As a personalized feature he can also mark any property as favorite and save on his device for future reference. Interactivity of Mobile app allows receiving notifications for: new listings that hit the market, drop in price, show an open house date or properties sold; keeping you & your prospects updated. To make your listings more viral, they can be shared via twitter, Facebook, emails or texts.

Mobile device is irresistible. You could hardly imagine your customers without having a smart mobile device. Even earlier, your first lead was generated through phone call. But during the age of internet, your prospects love to browse their mobile apps for any as well as every reason before making a move.

And at some point this implies to you as well.

So here I have two questions for you:

  1. How often do you look at your phone?
    – At least 6-7 times in an hour or may be more
  2. How far away is your phone from you at any point during the day or night?
    – Most of the time during the days, it lies in your pocket or in your hand & at nights it’s placed somewhere really near or easily accessible.

These are the generic statistics to conclude that you are reading this on your smartphone or tablet right now. Prospective home buyers are no different. In today’s day and age where technology rules, why should house hunting be a haunting experience for them? Make it convenient for them. Indulge them with your very own mobile app to search their dream home.

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