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InfoBeans Innovation Day 2020 - A Glance


Tarulata Champawat

January 30, 2020

Light, Camera, Action!

The vivacious Master of Ceremony and the drum roll!

Yes, we are talking about our flagship event Innovation Day 2020, which was nothing less than a movie shot in a perfect setting, with a beautiful ambiance and an incredible audience. 

Conducted on 25th January 2020 at our Headquarters, Crystal IT Park, Indore, Innovation Day 2020 has been a crowning day for all of us when the earnest efforts of our participating teams have finally yielded remarkable results. 

The event was attended by our notable audience and dignitaries like the guests from Germany, Heads of outstanding IT companies from Indore who judged the innovation contest, our esteemed clients, members from the investor community, brilliant minds from the student fraternity, and last but not the least InfoBeans team members from Indore and Pune.

Naroo Krishnan, Head of Products- Ola Mobility, the momentous harbinger of Innovation Day, distilled his stint with product development into successful innovation mantras and was awe-struck by the energy and positive vibes at InfoBeans. 

 As per Naroo, the most significant recipe of innovation besides having a great team is to have a culture of measurement, to iterate an idea without giving up, and to align the innovation with the broader vision. In addition to this, it is necessary to be data-informed and to use our judgment before stepping to innovate. Naroo also said that the idea of MVP is cool, but it is an abused concept in product development. He urged to replace MVP with RAT i.e., Risky Assumption Testing. 

He enticed the audience with his take on innovation! His discourse raised the bar, and the expectation from the event increased further. Now, the focus turned onto our 5 teams who presented their ideas on different technologies such as the Brainwaves, AI, ML, NLP, Robotics, Speech-to-text, and IoT.

Being a prominent technology company, we eat, drink, and sleep technology, and that was visible in presentations given by our teams. From exhibiting innovation on Brainwaves, which has the power to impact 10 million people worldwide suffering from Parkinson’s disease to showcasing how to measure the distance between two pupils of our eyes that immensely benefits the eye-glasses industry, our team presented innovations that are the need of today and aims to give back to the society.   

The presentations were largely judged on content depth, delivery by presenters, quality of deck, Application UI and timeliness. Each presentation spoke volumes about our team’s in-depth knowledge of technology, their passion for their domain and their perseverance that kept the audience spellbound throughout.

The on-stage presentations were followed by 14 booths showcasing their innovative ideas to the audience. Each booth was judged on criterias like problem statement, innovation/originality, technical aspect, demo flow and business use case. Our booth presenters did a commendable task of explaining the real-life use cases on emerging technologies that have disrupted the way we live, think and engage. 

As every movie has a happy ending, our event also culminated with a magnificent award ceremony. The awards were presented to the most deserving presentation and booth. The event was wrapped-up by kind words from our Co-Founder, Mr. Avinash Sethi. The event ended with a pledge to be more visible, better heard and a commitment to make it bigger and better every year.

For more details on ideas presented by our innovators, keep watching the space, we have much more coming for you.

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