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iPad selling hot cakes!!!


Arpit Jain

January 21, 2011

Apple announced their Q1 2011 (the one that ended December 25, 2010) results this past week, and the pick of the lot is the iPad! Even to their surprise the iPad sold a record 7.33 million units…I repeat… 7.33 mmmillion units!

Apple has performed exceptionally well this season for the iPhone as well.

Despite of the antenna-gate glitches and white iPhone in a black hole, the company sold 16.24 million iPhones in the quarter. That is a new company record representing 86% unit growth over the year-ago-quarter.

But the cherry of the lot is the iPad, they sold record 7.33 million units that is over 3 million more than what Apple achieved last quarter. It’s phenomenal! In simple terms it’s the introduction of a real tablet to the industry.

It’s been an amazing ride for iPads or the real tablet as you may like to call.

I read a CES 2011 coverage in an economic daily which quoted “They should have called it the Consumer iPad Show.”

There were 2,700 booths and 140,000 attendees this year at the CES. But Apple’s iPad was everywhere. There were accessories spanning from iPad cases, iPad holders, iPad keyboards, iPad chargers, iPad alarm clock to 85 other iPad clones!

So to sum it up…it’s been pretty much about the iPad (and to a thin margin – iPad clones) all this time.

Apple for sure has a sheer lead in this marathon being an early player in the race and defining the path for others to follow. The likes of Androids, Blackberry Playbooks and HP webOSs are trying hard. And would need to pull up their socks whole lot to come up to what Apple has achieved so far with the iPad.

It would be interesting to see this battle through. The signs say the future is bright for tablets…bright and how!

What it means to Businesses is there is a huge huge market for your apps!

Apple announced it has sold more than 160 million devices powered by the iOS mobile operating system. Talking of just the iPad, in its first three quarters of availability, the iPad has already topped 15 million in sales.

This leads to another interesting thought whether to build the native apps or web apps…well I will soon follow up with a post that would help you decide what works for you! Meanwhile you can refer this slide deck by Siddharth posted 2 years ago… early player 🙂

If this kicks you with an app idea, we would be more than happy to nourish your idea and help you take it to the App Store!

Drop us a line at ipad@infobeans.com or call us at 888 4INFOBEANS

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