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MetaGauntlet - The next frontier in metaverse


Krati Namdeo

April 06, 2023

Unlock a whole new world of sensations with MetaGauntlet! Imagine being able to feel the texture of virtual objects as if they were real. This is no longer just a dream. With our haptic glove, you can experience the metaverse like never before.

First came computers, then came the internet, and along with it, smartphones. Now, it’s time for the metaverse. Often described as the inevitable evolution of the internet, the metaverse represents a new frontier in the tech world. 

We’re so close to living and experiencing life in a digital world that it feels just as real as the physical one. From virtual reality gaming to social networking, the metaverse is changing the way we interact with technology. 

The Metaverse: A Growing Market with Huge Potential

The metaverse market was valued at about $22 billion in 2021, and this figure keeps growing every year. By 2030, a substantial part of the world would be digitized and explorable. This could be in the form of offices, tourism, or even the earth itself. Each of us will probably have an avatar that exists in the metaverse. 

A world without touch

Metaverse is a world without touch. You cannot feel things in the metaverse. And we all know how important the sense of touch is for humans. To bridge this gap, our team created MetaGauntlet. A haptic glove that can help you feel the shape of things in the metaverse.

Live demo of metagauntlet

Sensing the metaverse – Introducing the Phygital 

MetaGauntlet intends to bridge the gap between immersive physical commerce and the convenience of online shopping. For that, we’ve created an ecosystem to go from Web 2.0 to 2D Web 3.0, 3D Web 3.0, immersive Web 3.0, and all the way to a haptic Web 3.0.

MetaGauntlet is a haptic glove that allows users to feel objects in the metaverse. This revolutionary innovation allows you to feel and touch objects in the metaverse, blurring the lines between physical and virtual reality. With MetaGauntlet, you can walk through a virtual store and physically feel the products, all from the comfort of your own home. 

The technology stacks used are digital assets and tokens, smart contracts, blockchain, open-gloves and VR.

We’ve created an entire NFT Meta Infrastructure called Neo Metabank, an API set which feeds into the metaverse and the sense of touch, which is the haptic glove.

Neo meta Bank

MetaGauntlet – Revolutionizing the Retail Industry

With a haptic glove like MetaGauntlet, shoppers can touch and feel virtual products before making a purchase, giving them a more immersive and realistic shopping experience. This could lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Shoppers will be able to interact with products in a way that was previously impossible in traditional online shopping. Furthermore, haptic gloves could also enable retailers to collect valuable data on consumer preferences and behaviors, allowing them to tailor their offerings to better meet customer needs.

Innovation at Its Best

MetaGauntlet represents innovation at its best – imagining what the world wants before they do. Our aim was simple – Do something that has never been done before. As Neil Armstrong said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” We feel the same about the metaverse.

To know more about MetaGauntlet, contact us here.

MetaGauntlet was first showcased on Innovation Day 2023, an annual flagship event of InfoBeans. It is an amazing technology event where the brilliant minds of InfoBeans present path breaking innovations.

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