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Offshoring: Two more reasons why India remains a winner


Mitesh Bohra

December 15, 2009

We live in interesting days of global round-the-clock work – courtesy offshoring. What makes offshoring so successful in India? When I googled on this topic, I got 16,700,000 results back…go figure. Everyone has a view about this, it seems.

But I came across a couple of interesting points when I was taking an interview for our Director of Delivery position, I was discussing with a potential candidate about how software development centers in India are high-stress zones and how we are so good at outsourcing:

a)India is one giant socialistic environment – the “chai” outings anywhere between 2-10 times a day, the “masti”, jokes and gossip in our own very local language – down to not just the state but to the region – “Indori” in our case. The local, regional, state-wide and national level festivals – which if combined together will probably make it twice or more a month feature. What does all this do? Are you kidding – It’s a huge stress buster. How else would people survive otherwise?

b)Indian lineage is that of flexibility and evolution – it’s amazing how we live in a country with 200+ languages and dialects and practically a home to every single religion in the world. How did that happen? People must have come from various places and settled down – I am no history buff but this simple concept made a lot of sense to me – We adapt and we adopt. We welcome visitors, new cultures, new businesses, new ways of doing businesses. Heck anywhere you see a prospect of anything new – we are there. We may not be the big inventors and creators in this world (which is probably also changing a lot these days) but we sure as hell are the kinds to adapt to and adopt anything that this world throws at us

I am sure there are many arguments to be made for and against outsourcing to India and my goal is not to create an exhaustive list. The idea was simply to add these two interesting points – my two cents – in the mix. Thank you Sharmaji for an invigorating discussion.

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