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Openings for fresh college graduates


Siddharth Sethi

December 21, 2008

There are some comments in there that talk about openings for freshers. One person even tries to present a case where s/he says that if we do not provide openings for freshers, then where will the fresh graduates get their experience from?

Absolutely correct! I agree.

And that is why, we do provide openings for fresh college graduates. We love their enthusiasm and the new and fresh perspective that each individual brings to the table.

InfoBeans engages with fresh college grads through a campus program that is conducted every year in cities like Indore and Pune, amongst others.

The reason why we do not have openings for fresh college graduates all the time is because we hire for the year during the college hiring season. That enables us to create a good pool of grads through a proper match making process for specific requirements. It also means that we spend our hiring time more efficiently.

Trust me, we really want fresh blood into the company stream and we do all we can to ensure that continuous flow.

So if you are interested in us visiting your campus, let our careers department know at careers at infobeans dot com.

We would be happy to visit.

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