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Performance Test in Distributed Environment


Reena Nigam

September 01, 2014

In real life scenario load on the system often comes from different sources/systems/machines. Hence when we test we should generate load from multiple systems. By performing load test we can identify how the application is performing on high load and volume; this includes the average response time, throughput, transaction response time, CPU & memory utilization of the web server and many other parameters. To execute performance test in a distributed environment InfoBeans team uses JMeter, which is a nice open source performance testing tool.

At InfoBeans, we analyse performance test requirement, develop test plan & distributed test environment, do bench-marking, simulate load using JMeter and suggest solutions on the basis of test results. Distributed testing helps us to generate load from different system of different configurations and network types(LAN/ Wi-Fi). Here is how a distributed system works: 

JMeter Distributed Architecture

Using the above distributed testing architecture, at InfoBeans, we have tested multiple scenarios with 1000 number of users and did base lining for one of our application. To get this done we were successfully generated load of 1000 users from 5 different machines i.e. 200 users load per slave machine.


Image credit: https://www.flickr.com

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