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AI and Climate Change

Podcast Description In this podcast titled ‘AI and Climate Change’, we mined our guest Kashyap Kompella’s deep knowledge of AI and climate change. He believes that addressing climate change is one of the most important tasks of our generation. He talks about how AI, when deployed sustainably, can be a great tool for reducing our carbon footprint. Kashyap predicts that AI use cases can help increase progress towards climate action by up to 15%. Finally, he emphasizes that perhaps we should prioritize using technology to tackle the bigger challenges facing our world right now instead of using it to make people click ads.

About Speaker – Kashyap Kompella is currently the CEO of RPA2AI Research, a global technology industry analyst firm. He is the co-author of the Amazon bestseller Practical Artificial Intelligence. He is an invited speaker at several global conferences on AI and other emerging technologies and their impact on industries and careers. He is a visiting faculty on transformative technologies for the Institute of Directors. He is also the founder of AI Profs, whose mission is to democratize AI education and equip public and private sector workforces with the right skills for the future.

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