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Curiosity can be the difference between an excellent and a mediocre product

Fail Faster

Episode 449


34 minutes

Join us on the “Fail Faster” podcast as we dive into the fascinating world of product management and innovation with our special guest, Jaxon Merill, VP, of Digital Product & Digital Product Design at Beautycounter.

With a unique background in both audio and product management, Jaxon shares insights from his transformative projects, including a deep dive into the Beachbody streaming service. Discover how he navigated the challenges of shifting from physical DVD sales to a subscription-based model, using agile methodologies and user-centric approaches.

In this episode, Jaxon sheds light on the intersection of AI and product management, emphasizing the importance of curiosity in the ever-evolving tech landscape. From building teams and conducting user research to embracing the psychology of fitness, his experiences provide valuable lessons for aspiring product managers.

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